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Countrywide agriculture industrialization and forum of high level of development
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Countrywide agriculture industrialization and forum of high level of development of innovation of produce treatment industry are in Beijing to hold
On March 29, Continue to teach agriculture of institute, whole nation by college of agriculture of society of Chinese technology mart, China communication of product of achievement of new and high technology trades company of magazine of treatment of center, produce is sponsorred, middle peasant country actors or actress (Beijing) one village tastes forum of high level of the countrywide agriculture industrialization that center of promotion of science and technology undertakes and development of innovation of produce treatment industry and “ free ad conduct propaganda declares ” can hold in Beijing. The relevant lead that plays forum and expert have: College of agriculture of Professor Luo Yunbo, China teachs prexy of food of college of agriculture of Chen Haizhang of section chief of center of promotion of ability of vice director of flourish of center of center of TV of film of deputy director general of Wang Xiuzhong of bureau of treatment of produce of Ministry of Agriculture, China agriculture, whole nation farming, China Dr. Lilite, and Zhang Chenglong of cloud of Fan Liang of president of company of produce treatment magazine, chief editor.
Of this second activity holding basically is to carry out what Hu Jintao's secretary-general goes out in middle finger of seventeen big report to plan as a whole urban and rural development, advance construction of socialistic new rural area, solve the problem of agriculture, country, farmer, the issue closes to build overall situation of comparatively well-off society in the round, must regard the Chongzhongzhi that entire party works as heavy overall demand from beginning to end, carry out further " the Ministry of Agriculture pushs mobile plan about agricultural industrialization and produce treatment " and fulfil " the Ministry of Agriculture accelerates the directive opinion that develops one village to be tasted " spirit, discuss agricultural industrialization to manage machine ——“ of economy of characteristic of place of development of innovation of course of study, aggrandizement with produce one village tastes country of ” , attention the diversification that practical talent grooms, exert oneself popularizes diversity at building agricultural science and technology a variety of ways with new-style system and significant agrotechnical move, use new thinking, new method, constituent media is aimed at one village of area “ to taste ” to undertake free ad is publicized.
Carry this one activity, enhance the conduct propaganda that to “ one village tastes ” and market development strength, promote place and area the play capability to oneself advantage. Developing one village of “ to taste ” is to mend one of efficient ways that build contemporary agriculture, it is to realize a farmer to add the capable move that accept continuously, it is to develop the literate, necessary power that knows technology, meeting to manage new-style farmer, it is the important step that advances a country to manage system to innovate. Deepen agriculture and rural economics structural adjustment, cultivate dominant product and industry energetically, ensure one village of “ tastes ” and dominant product good rapid development.
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