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Consumer should avoid price pitfall cheap decorate a formula good-looking and ba
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The formula on household market is at present increasing, “28800 clothbound is moved an outfit is being produced in ” coming home, “56900 is not dream ” , for a short while all over the sky of all sorts of catchword, product flutters, having new choice it seems that to decorate headaching person, and actually many formulas look be like “ pasty ” , solid for “ trap ” , their purpose is to encircle you, cover prison, pardonable someone says, “ formula, formula, it is ring you again slowly eat ” . That decorates a formula after all to be able to eat after all, how should eat again?
It is good to decorate a formula after all eat

“28800, clothbound moves ” coming home, “26900, your home all has clothbound ” , be familiar with by more and more consumer place as the ad saying of these bright able to read aloud fluently, “ decorates what formula ” is different from traditional valuation means this kind to decorate plan to also get the attention of increasing person. But, trying this to plant simple, after looking what understand directly to decorate plan, many consumer discover, hope originally handy of be economical decorate original intention to decorate a formula in “ still cannot come true before ” , still exceed a budget considerably even.   
The formula is decorated, after all whether be economical save worry? Someone says, the formula decorates the “ Mcdonald's ” that is adornment industry, when offerring be economical, province for consumer, the domestic outfit of save labour, save worry; Also somebody thinks, the formula is decorated is a “ that the businessman issues for consumer covers ” actually, should get only have to be willing endure slaughter; Return somebody to be in confused condition, do not know to should believe the viewpoint of which respect, expectation connoisseur shows a labyrinth.
Want to say formula value nots worth, return so that speak of from formula itself. Give priority to dozen of product according to be being decorated with the formula some is famous decorate a company to be opposite the explanation that decorates formula concept, alleged formula is decorated is a material part namely wall brick, floor tile, floor, ambry, clean is provided, the door and door are covered wait for a brand advocate material, add a foundation to decorate construction to be combined together, let owner get a perfect household decorates a project to serve. Because the formula is medium,can offer consumer preference advocate material sort is finite. Decorate a company to be able to undertake large-scale purchase, make cost of material drops, because this is reduced,same truth construction cost also is met, and construction craft more practised. Only drawback is consumer preference leeway lesser, it is additionally too the factory is changed, standardization, the individual character that obliterates household in future, not all nevertheless person should go after individual character, at present the form of the formula still can satisfy the requirement of most person. Such looking, standard formula still can let consumer save worry decorate, get material benefit.
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