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Winter life little common sense
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1, way of winter reduce internal heat is much

Enter cold winter, many people can be under the ” of “ converging attack of central heating and dry environment suffer from excessive internal heat. Voice doing is dumb, guttural gall, talking around gives birth to sore. What method can make you relaxed ground hibernate?

When larynx dry voice is hoarse: Drink weak brine; Take sweet pear syrup; Tea of candy of drink tangerine skin.

When guttural gall: Often eat unripe pear to be able to prevent and cure talking around unripe sore and guttural gall; Add commensurate water gargle with vinegar, can reduce anguish; Pound of tender towel gourd squeezes juice, contain gargle again and again; When guttural ache, can use spoonful soy gargle, gargle is controlled 1 minute spit, successive 3—4 second, have curative effect.

When the mouth grows bleb: Cut mastication of entrance of a few ginger, can make bleb is eliminated slowly; Face fine face is washed before sleeping, ointment of the eye that push a point besmears in lip ache is in, can reduce sorely the next day, continue apply uses a few days, can make disappear sorely.

When n&v snuffle connects hard: If left nostril is illogical, feasible Fu lies or on the right side of lie, the right hand is propped up right hind neck, palm root stands by earlobe, ask a head, face rightward, ancon is articulatory right upper part extend, extend Yue Yuanyue is well. As a result of main and collateral channels extend action, little a ten seconds, many a few seconds, can make nostril aerates. Be like on the right side of n&v snuffle, OK and contrary movement treats. Two side at the same time n&v snuffle, but early or late rotate movement treats.

2, go up personally the scratchy Bie Taipin that wash bath
On the body scratchy when bathe not too frequent. Besides climate element, a few undesirable habits and customs also are the cause that causes skin disease.
Undesirable habits and customs basically includes the following each fields: Feed hot sleep less, like to iron a bath with high temperature water, cause dermatitis of psoriasis, irritability to wait thereby; The woman with a few stouter bodily form likes to wear tall bounce, feeble leotard, the result brings about body press press, the local inadequacy that feed oxygen, appear bubbly, red, Sao is urticant wait for symptom of typical and polymorphous erythema; Excessive exhaustion causes berpes zoster.
Winter should notice to maintain good habits and customs: Bathe not to want too frequent, general 5 days are washed more appropriate, bathing water is warm because of the person different, wait for catharsis things less with bath dew, soap, particularly dry when can daub a few natural, protect wet kind protect skin to taste; Want to wear underwear of complete cotton heat preservation, hypodermic and adipose more female cannot wear the tight jacket with solid quality of a material; Eat less acrimony kind of food, eat chaffy dish to had better drink the beverage of the heat that nod Qing Dynasty; The attention strikes a proper balance between work and rest, maintain Morpheus enough, especially old person, want to rest in time and maintain when body exhaustion; In case contract epithelial skin disease, should go up as early as possible hospital cure, lest incur loss through delay treats an opportunity.
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