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Winter life little common sense
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7, peppery pig heart treats gastritis

The end of the year reachs previously, my stomach ministry is unwell, hospital diagnose is chronic gastritis, took drug of a variety of Chinese and Western, did not get effective from beginning to end however. Give directions via one relatives and friends after, ate 7 to scatter on the pig heart of white pepper, did not have a relapse up to now. Particular way is: Buy pig heart from butcher's 67, drugstore buys Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants in 10 grams, cut pig heart into 3 centimeters of chip to 4 centimeters with the knife, bai Hu any of several hot spice plants grinds end, even ground is scattered in pig heart piece on, next evaporate is ripe, early morning is hollow edible. General edible can get effective 7 days. (Niu Liancheng)

8, eat pignut to treat stomach-ache

Some people suffer after air cooling is exciting, regular meeting causes stomach-ache. Can eat some fry ripe, thoroughly cook unripe even pignut, do not use 100 grams, stomach-ache can disappear. Because discover accidentally when stomach-ache of catch a cold catch a cold,this law is me. Time-tested, recommend other to also get effective. (Hu Lan)

9, apple eating aspic goes internal heat

Winter climate is cold, old people indoors time is long, always become aware the bosom is mixed frowzily intentional fire. But quality a bit second apple, abluent put freezer refrigerant, daily eat a few times, cool sweet go again internal heat.

10, white turnip juice treats ulcer

Dry of winter weather air conditioning, suffer from oral cavity ulcer easily. Use unripe Bailuo Bo San is abluent, mincing, contain gargle several times everyday, till it is good to contain.

11, warm foot

Wear double silk socks to protect a foot to warm

Constant somebody sleeps in the winter the foot is cold, old people blame very. Rely on hot-water bottle to warm the foot has a lot of inconvenience. I have a handy and effective method: Wear a pair clean, become aware socks of comfortable short canister silk sleeps a bit, a little while the foot is tepid rise. The attention does not wear hose and line socks, but standing a pair special sleep socks. When sleeping, double foot does not crouch, want to be extended naturally, when waiting for a foot to feel too hot, double foot is alternant one rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers is taken off.

12, dermatosis

Gallnut wipes a lip weather-shack

In the winter, some person lips appear weather-shack. With gallnut right amount, arenaceous boiler is fried yellow. Grind delicate last stage, with balm tone becomes affected part of rare mushy besmear, light person can heal, the person that weigh can heal 3 times two. (Dai Boming)

Stick plaster to treat chilblain opportunely

The author is in Tibetan practise medicine is old, use for many times wet acetanilide cream stick apply local cure skin is heated up redly, self-consciously urticant or bright is painful for a time chilblain, obtain favorable result. The method is to use affected part of Wen Shui general first abluent, after wiping ointment clingy go up in affected part skin, stick 24 hours commonly but heal, if can be not changed again more,stick a few times. The skin is broken;burst;ulcerate;fester or allergy is unfavorable stick apply. (Cheng Tai comes)
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