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Winter life little common sense
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13, effect a radical cure aspic foot has strange square

Aspic foot, although disease is not big, but very bad to effect a radical cure. Oneself did not spend money to cure aspic foot, do not have recommit 15 years. The method is: When the first snow, install a snow with washbasin, put aspic foot into the basin to had been buried with snow, take out in a few minutes come, brush affected part with the hand, should appear little red place, put into snow again, take out a foot in a few minutes, reoccupy hand brushs red point point, turn blood into bubble, hematic bubble was defeated, yellow current goes out, aspic foot disease goes.

Chili alcohol treats chilblain

Red pointed chili (Gan Xianjun but) ten, alcohol 500 grams, immerse a week. After breaking through broken chilblain to suffer from a ministry to be cleaned with hot water, dip in with tampon the alcohol that has immersed, besmear has a department (already;burst;ulcerate;festered broken cannot use) , stop urticant, acetanilide, detumescence. The effect is distinct. General and daily inunction 45, can see chilblain rate frequency of inunction of extenuatory increase and decrease, successive inunction is controlled 10 days can.

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