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After writing down a meal sincerely " 8 not urgent "
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Folk is early circulate a doggerel: A smoke after the meal, surpass fare immortal. No matter this is,one kind speaks it may not be a bad idea, true still somebody acts according to his to be the jewel that raise a body, did not forget this word: “ health should tell science! ” actually we lots and lots of the habit may be a mistake, do not know you noticed. There is “ after the meal among them 8 not urgent ” , it is very classical health care common sense.
One, do not be eager to smoking

The harm that smokes after the meal is compared 10 times bigger at ordinary times. Because eat the increase of enteron blood internal circulating load after,this is, in causing smoke, harmful composition is absorbed in great quantities and damage liver, head and heart blood-vessel.
Expert analysis: Will analyse the harm that smokes after one go with rice from medical angle, it is apparent fact, clearly. After taking food when the person, digestion moves in the round immediately rise, undertake digest and be absorptioned waiting for all sorts of physiology activities. The gastric bowel peristalsis inside human body is very right now frequent, blood also was accelerated circularly, systemic pore also is stretched; And discharge a few redundant heat energy and the biology breath that intensify organizing a cell. If smoke in this moment, lung and systemic organization absorb the strength of aerosol to be strengthened greatly, the harmful material in aerosol has very big stimulative effect to breath, enteron; Other alkaloid kind material can enter human body in great quantities, undoubted meeting brings more than smoking to be gotten greatly at ordinary times harm to human performance and organization. Say so, harm of the smoking after the meal is very big.
2, do not be eager to drinking tea

Expert analysis: A large number of tannic acid in tea can become the matter that dissolves hard with the union such as the iron in food, zinc, cannot absorb, the iron in causing food is lost for nothing character. And boiled water drinks tea instantly after the meal can diluent gastric juice, the alimental inside influence stomach is digested normally. In addition, the tannic acid that contains in boiled water still can make the material inside the stomach caky, affect protein absorption, increased gastric burden thereby.
Raise action: Having a meal had better not drink tea inside the hour, when the food inside a hour of stomach after should waiting for a meal is digested almost again drinkable boiled water, such offset turn function and material caky also won't produce too big effect.

3, do not be eager to bathing

Common saying says full not have one's head shaved, hunger does not bathe, somebody feels firm to satiate meal is the optimal time that bathe by accident, actually otherwise, firm satiate meal when, a large number of blood are centered at gastric ministry, the blood of other organ decreases accordingly, if this moment bathes, the skin of the whole body and muscle blood-vessel are outspread, haemal flow is increased, can make the blood of supply peptic decreases, affect thereby digest absorb, so meal hind bathes on unfavorable horse.
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