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After writing down a meal sincerely " 8 not urgent "
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Raise action: The plan that bathes to the redo after two hours can rest first after the meal.
4, do not be eager to go to bed

Common saying says: Lie after “ meal, do not grow half jins to grow 39 ” . After the meal instantly go to bed is easy get fat.
Raise action: Meal hind should rest 20 minutes at least, go to bed again. Even if be siesta time,also answer such.

5, do not be eager to taking a walk

100 paces of the “ after the meal walk along ” , because the meeting carries momentum increases, and affect what enteron pledges to nurture to digest absorb. Especially old people, heart function drops, hemal sclerosis and blood pressure reflex adjust functional obstacle, much occurrence blood pressure plays demote phenomenon after eat.

Expert analysis: Maw is in plentiful condition after the meal, although dispute often moves slightly to also can make the stomach is shaken, increased gastric bowel burden thereby, the influence digests a function.
Raise action: Meal hind rests 30 minutes appropriately, after waiting for the food inside the stomach to be digested appropriately, reprise is relatively appropriate, also won't produce too big effect to digestion so.

6, do not be eager to driving

The fact proves, incidental traffic accident drives instantly after driver meal. Because the person is in,this is after having a meal, gastric bowel digests the blood with much need to alimental, cause cerebrum organ provisionality easily to be short of blood, cause operation error thereby.
7, do not be eager to draft fruit
” of a fruit after “ meal is acted according to to be infallible law, as people living standard rise gradually, the sanitarian consciousness of people also increased subsequently, a lot of people think to bit of fruit eats after the meal is the optimal collocation of modern life. No matter be in dining-room, restaurant, still be in the home repast, bit of fruit bright eats after a lot of people like a meal tastily, actually this is a kind of wrong habits and customs, because, fruit of the draft on meal wheeler can affect digestive function.
Expert analysis: After the stomach that enters people as a result of food, must pass what arrive 2 hours to digest a process, ability is slow eduction. If people has instantly after the meal,eat a fruit, the food block sluggish that can be arrived at by in advance is inside the stomach, cause a fruit to cannot be digested normally inside the stomach, inside the stomach time grows too, cause the symptom such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea or constipation thereby. If people holds to this kind of habits and customs for a long time, will cause digestive function disorder.
Raise action: Had better be after the meal 1 - 2 hours eat a fruit again.
8, do not be eager to loose belt
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