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Guangdong first king of ginseng of ginseng of wild hill of contest price auction
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Yesterday, continent meeting exhibits Guangzhou Pa the Jilin that the center holds a break fresh ground grows Bai Shan to join king auction to meet, wang Yi of ginseng of a hundred years wild hill is patted since price of 1.5 million yuan of days, cause the angle of the person that numerous contest is cast, final, by Hangzhou Wang Liyuan of curator of shop of medical service of nation of square rejuvenescent hall is patted with 1.88 million yuan of high price, become the mark king that day. It is reported, patted ginseng in all that day 6, total prices achieves 3 million yuan. Jilin saved governmental official and ginseng expert to attend this auction activity.

As we have learned, ginseng king delicacy weighs 225 grams, dry weight of 55 grams, came up out of land 2007, modelling is ” of bath of “ fierce emperor. Pat successfully so that join the bark curator of king to express, although do medicinal material business old, see the ginseng with so beautiful configuration rarely however, because this meeting considers,regard its as artwork is collected. When asking whether the value is good, bark curator states 1.88 million yuan did not exceed a budget.

Additional as we have learned, ginseng already had 4000 old histories in our country application. Element of ginseng of long white hill has “ northeast of 3 treasure ” say, it is the material of rare Chinese traditional medicine of celebrated China and foreign countries, can fill yuan of beneficial is angry, raise lienal beneficial lung, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, calm the nerves add wisdom. And ginseng is divided again be joined for wild hill and join two kinds big field, wild hill is joined even if feral ginseng falls in natural state, unripe long fixed number of years is longer, differ to about a hundred years by a few years, present crop already special little, it is the curiosa in ginseng.