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Dried fruit consumes a guideline
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One, tremella

Tremella calls a tremella again, it is bacterium of a kind of colloid edible and officinal bacterium. Its appearance is like cockscomb or leaf, white translucence, dry hind flaxen or yellow; Feral tremella advocate originate in forest land of our country southern high mountain, contain a lot ofrich protein, vitamin, amino acid to wait, it is traditional tonic. Chinese traditional medicine thinks tremella has embellish lung, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, relieve a cough, the function such as clear phlegmy, powerful body, filling gas, tremella polysaccharide has fight tumor action.

The difference of tremella sense organ of different quality is very big: High grade tremella is dry, whiteness of colour and lustre, the flesh is thick and whole, circular umbrella is built, diameter 3 centimeters of above, without head of the base of a fruit, without foreign matter. Common tremella color is white and take cream-colored look slightly, whole, the flesh slightly thin, diameter 1.3 centimeters of above, without head of the base of a fruit, without foreign matter. Poorer tremella color white or the yellow that take rice, but not dry, the flesh is thin, have spot, carry head of the base of a fruit, have foreign matter, form is frame-up, diameter 1.3 centimeters the following.

The instinctive quality of tremella should be common white, root ministry is weak yellow, taste expression is insipidity or take earthy fishy smell slightly; And using the tremella with 2 oxidation fumigated sulfur is Huang Bai however unusually trenchant, looking is snow-white contrast with what fizzle out especially, taste expression is excitant odour.

2, day lily

Day lily renown day lily, calm the nerves dish, distributing wider, nutrition is rich, contain a lot ofprotein, adipose, calcic, phosphor, iron to reach a variety of small crude element. Of day lily picked seasonal very strong, grow with bud already plump the quality when blossomming again is best, when if bud is opened,showing pistil, nutrient composition loss is big, quality is poorer. Dry day lily is the picked and fresh and tender faint scent, day lily bud that has not open, classics insolation, handpick, pack and become; Local color is distinctive, spiciness tastily.

When the choose and buy, use eye observation, normal day lily color is golden color or palm yellow, and the day lily after the course is sulfureous and fumigated is tender yellow, weaker than normal day lily color; Normal day lily color is even, and fumigated the color of the day lily that pass is inhomogenous; 2 hear with nose, normal day lily should have the sweet smell of day lily oneself, without other odour, and fumigated the odour with the stimulating day lily that pass. 3 become an enclasp day lily with the hand, after let go, dish can be automatic of diffuse resile, explain dish body works, quality is good, if the hand is held, round entity still becomes after let go, of irreclaimable original state, explain dish is wet, hydrous component is high, grow mildew easily.
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