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Dried fruit consumes a guideline
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Day lily is extremely easy mildew changes, because this answers in keep,prevent to give out heat and become wet. Mildew changes process, it is commonly after giving out heat first tacky, down to of generation wine flavour is mildewy. Discovery heats up sticking day lily, should instantly lay open, insolation, not big to quality influence, if day lily produces mildew to change, after passing insolation, criterion famished look presents a red or black colour and lustre, water hair is late soft rot, lose edible value at the same time, do not answer again edible.

3, dried bamboo shoots

Actor bad differentiates quality of dried bamboo shoots to see colour and lustre above all, if show yellow white or palm yellow, those who have burnish for top grade, colour and lustre is dark in be yellowly, taste, of brown of sauce of colour and lustre for inferior. See bamboo shoot body next, short thick, posture fleshy, bamboo shoot section is close together, grain is shallow fine, quality of a material is tender fragile, length is top grade below in 30 centimeters, length exceeds 30 centimeters, root ministry appears big and old, fiber is much and thick, bamboo shoot part also grows, quality of a material is old. Be in when water content of dried bamboo shoots 14% the following, the hand grasps what dried bamboo shoots folds to be broken namely, and soniferous, show humidity moderate, if fold and ceaseless, or break off do not have clear sound, explain moisture of dried bamboo shoots is big. Because moisture is bigger,have some of dried bamboo shoots, during deposit, grow big white mildew easily, have a plenty of bug wormhole eye, criterion quality is poor.

4, longan

Longan weighs longan again, flavour pleasant sex is smooth, taste for nourishing beautiful, have appetizing be good at lienal, raise blood to calm the nerves, the effect such as head of gas of Zhuang Yang beneficial, filling Xu Jian. In Fujian Pu cropland, longan 70% with Yu Beigan. Size of high grade longan is even, housing doing is hard and clean, the flesh is qualitative thick soft, the nucleus is small, smell is sweet, clear opening of fluid of the soup after decoct is not stuck. Second qualitative longan size is inhomogenous, crust bony, the flesh is thinner, the nucleus is big, have appearance of bug eat by moth. Qualitative mildew and rot of inferior longan flesh, show mushy, serious or bug wood is dry pledge without the flesh.

Buy dried fruit, dried vegetable kind bulk product is not bought as far as possible when the product, as far as possible the choose and buy finalizes the design the product that pack. Whether does bag of the attention when buying press formulary line out above outfit date of name of product the name of an article, producing area, factory, birth, lot number or code name, norms, expiration period is restricted, edible method. Choose dimensions as far as possible quality of bigger, product and the product that serve the famous industry with better quality. In addition, finalize the design the product that pack is in open the rare delicacy that whether aculeate bazoo hears after packing, if have,be remain of 2 oxidation sulfur possibly to measure more expensive product, the edible after can putting the product in clear water to immerse adequately.
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