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Candy fries chestnut sweet had better not " mouth " cannot regard as staple food
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Chestnut has the good name of the king ” of “ dried fruit. A lot of people like to be in the season of blow gently of this cold wind, go into the street the sugar that buys a packet of warm fries chestnut to eat.

Nevertheless, although chestnut is delicious, but tasting also is to have cultured.

Concerned expert thinks, the bases of Chinese chestnut is carbohydrate, mineral content is richer also, belong to firm fruit food. Should right amount eat, cannot regard as staple food edible.

Chestnut contains a large number of starch, and quantity of heat is very high also, expert proposal had better regard chestnut as between two eat snacks eats or make it vegetable takes, do not eat after the meal, had better not take the place of with chestnut meal.

Additional, taste empty is cold person unfavorable eat unripe chestnut, puerpera, children and costive patient also do not eat chestnut more. Because chestnut quantity of heat is higher, diabetic person wants stop where it should stop, the volume containing sugar that candy fries chestnut is higher, the diabetic should eat less more.

Eat candy to fry chestnut to want not only right amount, also want to tell sanitation. Candy is fried candy is joined in chestnut, in repeatedly high temperature is fried when making, can produce chemical change, not much to human body benefit.

The expert advocates authority edible does not add candy fry chestnut, tell from taste, do not add candy, chestnut smell is likewise sweet and nice, and crust is clean and wholesome, stick the dirty stuff such as dirt not easily.

Additional, when eating candy to fry chestnut, had better not eat ringent. Because from food safe angle is told, normal candy fries chestnut to should be fried with maltose and purificatory vegetable oil, but a little illegal faker fries chestnut with saccharin natrium and inferior oil. Such, chestnut peristome branch is stuck on syrup, additional, the impurity such as coke also is met the mouth place that ooze takes chestnut, both neither is healthy not wholesome.