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The rubbish in knowing drink knowledge to eat food and baby (graph)
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Current, maintain human body health, improving life quality is the problem that everybody is interested in very much. But, whether is ourselves done very well really? The prandial quality that we have everyday how? Is nutrition good? Whether the health that maintains you? Recently, world cancer studies foundation raised following question to a lot of families, let ourselves check, see us everyday prandial good?

Before before long, world Health Organization chose ” to release sheet of a piece of a list of names posted up through research of 3 years and “ , although this is a list of names posted up of a piece of food, but it announces 6 kinds of when go out the most healthy food and food of 10 big rubbish, believe regular meeting compares fashionable and popular a list of names posted up more the attention that gets you.

New a list of names posted up gives heat
In time of 3 years, world Health Organization had analysis and research to all sorts of provision that involve in people diet, choose: Optimal vegetable, optimal fruit, optimal carnivorous, optimal cooking oil, optimal soup is fed, 6 kinds of the most healthy food such as the optimal food that protect a head.
In the meantime, beverage of carnivorous of deepfry food, souse food, treatment, biscuit, carbonic acid, convenient food, potted, preserved fruit, refrigerant sweetmeats and barbecue food also “ is selected ” Topl0 rubbish food.

   Healthy food
Vegetable 13 delicacy: Of ” of optimal vegetable of the “ that enter a list of names posted up have 13 kinds, we eat via regular meeting at ordinary times.
Sweet yam most let stream of people connect, perhaps you do not eat everyday certainly, but rich fiber, Potassium, Tie Hewei is contained to give birth to element B6 in yam, can prevent arteriosclerosis of anile, precaution not only, still fight cancerous hotshot, first what so it is chosen to be vegetable. Diet pays attention to soda acid collocation, and we are ferial eating meat kind it is acidity food almost, want to eat together with alkalescent food collocation so, the cabbage in vegetable, celery, carrot, etc is basic provision, can eat more a few.
Besides above a few kinds of mentioned vegetable, stay of proceedings of blue dish of asparagus, cauliflower, aubergine, beet, shepherd's purse, Pie, acupuncture needle, potherb mustard, Chinese cabbage also should remember eating more.

9 kinds of fruits are sweet and goluptious
One respecting nutrition can mention a fruit, but about fruity nutrition value many jar saying confused, people is not to know it eat which kinds of fruit after all is good to eat which kinds of fruit after all really, nevertheless, 9 kinds of authoritative fruits that join a list of names posted up cannot be not believed.
Number one fruit is papaya, although contain a lot ofthe orange of vitamin C, mandarin orange selected also, but the vitamin C in papaya however far the content of over orange, and papaya still conduces to the flesh that absorbs hard inside digestive people system kind, can prevent gastric ulcer. With respect to Lian Mu melon juice also can give everybody to bring great profit.
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