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The rubbish in knowing drink knowledge to eat food and baby (graph)
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The flesh is sweet the strawberry of juice beauty not only juice is enough, still have great profit to human body health, the girl that loves the United States especially can want to take a place more, because strawberry can let your color of skin become ruddy, still can reduce diarrhoea. Interesting is, strawberry still can consolidate gingival, pure and fresh tone, moist pharynx and larynx. And, strawberry lamina and root still can use make tea, “ of true it may be said is treasure ” all over.
In addition, yangtao, mango, apricot, persimmon, watermelon these a few kinds of sweet and juicily fruits also ascend the body is optimal food.

Meat dishes eats a balanced nutrition
Although meat dishes is adipose content is bigger, but it is diet however in indispensable, want to eat variety giving a point to come so, meat dishes also can give the body balanced nutrition.
The optimal meat that eats a list of names posted up should count flesh of goose, duck, chicken, fish, just be hotpot, pork and beef next. The chemical structure of goose and duck flesh is close to olive oil very much, have profit to the heart, especially the old person mights as well take a place more appropriately. Chicken is the optimal origin ” of accepted “ protein, old person, child should complement in time more.
Had eaten the flesh to remember drinking Xian Shang, the most high grade soup is not chicken broth to not be belonged to, especially hen soup, still have cold of prevention and cure, bronchitic effect, especially wintry spring, it is better to drink the effect now namely.

Raise a head to eat dried fruit opportunely
Any of several hot spice plants of the spinach in vegetable, leek, pumpkin, green, cauliflower, food, pea, tomato, carrot, small greens, garlic bolt, celery has filling head effect. In addition, the carapace such as walnut, earthnut, happy fruit, cashew, pine nut, almond, soja kind snacks also has profit very much to brain.

Rubbish food
Mention ” of “ rubbish food intuition of a lot of people can associate to place of all snack inn to traffic, date calls hamburger of ab extra alimental, potato, the ability such as fried chicken, pizza, coke is food of so called rubbish, be not actually such, what the definition with rubbish real food points to is to supply a few quantity of heat solely, do not have the food of other nutriment. Or it is to offer exceed human body requirement, grow the food of spare part. Be like: The salinity in potted, pickles often can cause overmuch natrium to stop redundant rubbish is become inside body.

Convenient food fastens general drawing to go to the lavatory
Beverage of biscuit, convenient cover, carbonic acid is us usual figure at some convenience convenient food, there are essence of additive, edible and pigment more in convenient food, nutrition is saved not quite complete also, long-term edible is convenient food, can affect human body health.

These food satisfied the people need to different taste food on one hand, on the other hand, going up somehow, also increased the harm on potential health.
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