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You cannot insensible food of 9 kinds of be good at heads
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1 spinach
Spinach is had extremely strong fight oxidation ability, the cognitive obstacle that because age growth is caused,conduces to slow down and central nervous system damage. Spinach is the person above average that contains antioxidant vitamin C and vitamin E.

Fish of 2 3 article
Have a fish at least every week especially the person of 3 article fish, pilchard and black carp, compare with the person look that takes a fish rarely, the incidence of a disease of senile and gawkish disease wants a lot of lower. Eat a fish to still conduce to the activity that strengthens nerve cell, increase study and memorial capacity thereby.

3 grapes juice or bishop
Juice of constant drink grape is beneficial to prolong life. Proper and drinkable bishop also has same effect, but can produce paralytic effect to nerve as a result of alcohol, consequently grape juice is better choice. Grape juice fights oxidation material content mediumly to pass high other any fruits and vegetable, and can increase neurological transmission capacity. Besides lengthen life delay year, grape juice still can be in short-term inside increase memory.

4 hot cocoa
Hot cocoa not only can warm personally, and likewise effective to be good at head. The drink that two teaspoon pure cocoa pours, its fight oxide to pledge content is 2 times of red wine waiting for a quantity almost, of green tea 3 to 4 times, of black tea 4 to 5 times. Cocoa fights oxidation material mediumly to be able to protect cerebral cell, prevent the happening with nerve disorder function.

Goods of 5 whole wheat and unpolished rice
The optimal way that enhances ability of human body alimentation is edible unpolished rice. All sorts of vitamins are contained in unpolished rice, cognitive to maintaining ability is crucial. Among them vitamin B6 has effect most to reducing acerbity level of kind of half Guang ammonia.

6 almond and walnut
Dried fruit, especially almond and walnut are the commonly used food on the party, not only delicate, and contain likewise fight oxidation material richly. Because almond and walnut contain fatty acid of series of Ou Miga —3, have more apparent effect. Chinese element has “ to take the view of ” of walnut filling head.

7 olive oil
A variety of not saturated fatty acid are contained in olive oil, have the effect that prevents sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. Accordingly, advocate the vegetable oil such as oil of one part olive oil, safflower is added in cooking oil.

8 garlic
The energy source of cerebrum activity basically relies on dextrose, want to make dextrose produces due effect, have the presence of the vitamin B1 of sufficient capacity with respect to need. Garlic itself does not contain many vitamin B1, but the action that it can enhance vitamin B1, because garlic can produce a kind to call “ garlic amine the material of ” with B1, and the action of garlic amine wants far get more by force than vitamin B1 much. Accordingly, eat some of garlic appropriately, can promote dextrose change to be cerebrum energy.
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