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Each district special local product
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Cate of gust of throughout the country of market of Beijing of gust of Beijing special local product, arts and crafts and ethical things Yu Yicheng. Palace dish is nodded, roast duck, preserved fruit, crisp candy, beijing embroider, theatrical costume, cloisonne enamel all very famous.

   Carpet of Tianjin of product of famous brand of tradition of gust of Tianjin special local product, cotton blanket, flannel, model of clay figurine Zhang Cai, willow youth is drawn, kite; Tianjin ham bowel, do carbonado, the dog pays no attention to steamed stuffed bun, 18 streets fried dough twist, fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour.

   Tang Shan of Heibei renown special local product, pottery and porcelain of Han Dan and other places, qu Yang stone carving, shell carving of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is drawn, man-made is amber, wu Jiang New Year picture, colourful county paper-cut, judge crock of the picture inside water, zhuo city gold-rimmed arras; Seafood of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, shijiazhuang carbonado, cheng Deshan dish, a kind of dried mushroom of Zhang Jia mouth, preserved egg of white foreign form sediment, baoding pickles, bean products of tall tablet store; The Chinese herbal medicine that bring a country, bear De Xingren, zhao Zhouxue spends pear, cross a river, display a county, a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province of and other places of county of the Kingdom of Wei, dark blue city gold-rimmed small jujube, assist emperor big jujube, prosperous goosefoot apple, flourishing the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, announce changes a grape,

In relief apricot of Fen of gust of Shanxi special local product spends village a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang, wine of green bamboo snake, a surname county 6 sweet wine, grow the wine that treat Lu, qing Xuxiang vinegar, mature vinegar of spring of hill city jade; Millet hill, carry city, face Fen, rui Cheng, too jujube of cereal and other places, yuan Pingli, clear Xu grape, always aid green persimmon; Great Harmony chrysanthemum, ooze city glutinous millet, smooth-going Chinese prickly ash, always treat dangshen; Handicraft industry famous product and city (Taiyuan) the knife is cut, pottery and porcelain of Great Harmony art, bowl of iron of in relief spring; Name of Shanxi gust dish is nodded and city chaffy dish, big vegetable of Islamic complete sheep, make the same score Yao beef, brains (with hotpot, yam, lotus root root, a variety of cordial such as the root of remembranous milk vetch are made) , shanxi knife cuts an area, too cereal cake, glutinous millet oily cake.

Huhhot of gust of Inner Mongolia special local product is pure low shag line, baotou and A pull rug of different standard of be apt to, a pulls camel's hair of be apt to; Many human relations saddle, mongolia boots; Hailaer, full continent in marmot, lynx of alliance of Hu Lunbei Er, go in for sth in a large scale squirrel of the area that bring mountain range; Extinguish forest Guo straps prairie a kind of dried mushroom, sweet melon of the bend of a river; Gust cate bakes complete sheep, leg of the sheep that bake, gust name feeds grandma leather, grandma bean curd, mare's milk wine, clear gentleman wine.
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