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The countryside of hickory -- face how
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The wood that hickory is our country this oil and dried fruit name special local product, eye of weather of distributinging Yuzhe northwest is a mountainous area, the province of countryside ” Zhejiang of hickory of “ of countrywide zoology demonstrative city, China is faced install city to give priority to produce a division, year all crop can amount to more than 6000 tons, area 270 thousand mus.

Hickory is dried fruit of traditional name actor, can machine hickory of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt, the five spices, butter, much flavour; Purificatory much flavour hickory benevolence, hickory of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt benevolence, all sorts of hickory candy reach wine, ren Yuan makings can regard hickory as the burden that a variety of candy, cake produces.

What 7.8-6.9% contains in hickory nutlet is protein, the amino acid with indispensible human body occupies 7 kinds of above and content is as high as 25% above, still contain 22 kinds of mineral elements, be necessary to human body of action, content of the calcium with nutrient higher value, magnesian, phosphor, zinc, iron is very rich.

The advanced edible plant that hickory oil is machined for natural and feral hickory and becomes is oily, analyse hickory oil manage to change property to be according to Zhejiang forest institute: Iodine number 94.21, saponification is worth 183.12, refraction index N201.4787, density D200.9113, acid value 0.437. Clear smell of hickory oily color is sweet, grade is high-grade, contain the fatty acid, not saturated fatty acid such as oleic acid, linoleic acid to occupy 88-96% between, prep above tea-oil tree is oily, also prep above is world-renowned edible olive oil.

Often feed hickory, benevolence, oily product, have be good at the coronary heart disease of lienal strong kidney of abundant of appetizing, embellish, nourishing rehabilitation, precaution, effect that reduces hematic fat. It is the food of natural green nutrition with a kind of healthy and delicious, rich nutrition.