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Mad draft fruit is cool and refreshing reduce weight small move
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◆ eats a fruit and do not drink or drink fruit juice less: Because eat whole fruit,feel fuller than drinking fruit juice to want much.

◆ drinks defatted milk and do not drink complete fat milk: Because their protein content is same, and drink defatted milk, letting what you feel satiate is protein and rather than adipose.

◆ drinks clear soup and do not drink hoosh: Bit of Shang Youli is drunk to be fed less at you before formal have dinner, nevertheless, do not drink contain the flesh kind hash soup.

◆ eats fresh fruit and do not eat dried fruit: After moisture of any food take out, quantity of heat can rise. Below the circumstance that absorbs same calorie, fresh fruity weight is greater, more be helpful for reducing weight.

◆ eats a fruit and do not eat cracker: Even if is not fatty biscuit, its quantity of heat also prep above chips! And do not have moisture already as a result of it, do not have fiber again, cannot make the person produces satiated move, still eat the strawberry with a dish of moisture and fiber very high content to had been compared.

◆ eats a fruit and do not have salad: Fruit quantity of heat is inferior, but, if mix,have salad sauce and sugar, the advantage all was broken. Common salad sauce is contained mostly adipose more, in a dish of fruit even if add a few spoon to also can make only,quantity of heat rises sharply, be inferior to fruit of flat and direct draft.

The defect of cookbook of density of low quantity of heat is not quite classics is hungry, 3 two hours after the meal feel hungry, this is irrespective, be in appropriately prandial between undertake adding meat, eat food of bit of low caloric snacks, can satisfy the desire of your snack already so, and unapt also add fertilizer, not be very clever.