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Chinese chestnut waves again fall sweet
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String together string of branch Can to fizzle out on, blast Zhen Dangui waves sweet in, autumnal footstep is gradually close, also arrived annual the season with mature Chinese chestnut, the candy this year fries chestnut, can be a bit expensive.

   These days, be on street, wave along with wind in air blast a candy those who fry chestnut is sweet fragrance, mood letting a person is auspicious. From August the bottom begins, each candy fries the urban district chestnut store opens furnace in succession, the citizens of have a taste of what is just in season of a few love had eaten sweet the Chinese chestnut of glutinous.

   Because chestnut raw material reachs the price of the complementary makings such as maltose,rose this year nearly 20% , the unit price that candy fries chestnut also went up than last year 1 go to 2 yuan. A Chinese chestnut sells the controller that interlinks inn to tell a reporter, though the price rises somewhat, but sale of these two days is very hot still, only this is located in before view the door inn of the area is about one day to sell a chestnut nearly 2000 jins, reckon around will reach a peak mid-autumn.

   Chinese chestnut not only sweet and goluptious, can make be eaten together with rice or bread of dried fruit snacks, dish, and nutrition is rich, contain carbohydrate, amylaceous, protein and B a group of things with common features the vitamin, have taste of filling kidney, strong bones and muscles, beneficial to human body, stop a variety of functions such as have diarrhoea, consequently Chinese chestnut is called namely since ancient times the king ” of 1000 fruit of “ .