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"Countrywide medlar the first countryside " : Medlar compose is full fiery life
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Huhhot of Xinhua News Agency on July 8 report (Duan Yijuan) midsummer in July, walk along medlar of “ whole nation guard of vanguard of the banner before corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region of ”—— of the first countryside is special, be just as the ocean of the bumper harvest. Scan widely looks, garden of many mus of 50 thousand medlar is red green alternate with, layer cascade is folded, evil spirit it is satisfactory.

These days, of medlar buy the price to already achieved every kilograms 25 yuan, this year is sale of vanward guard medlar is best year since the history. ” pioneer pressed down the deputy secretary-general Qiao Wenqing of medlar association to calculate brushstroke Zhang, crop of medlar of whole this year country achieves 7000 tons the least, by conservative price average every tons 20 thousand yuan calculate, the pioneer presses down a farmer to will have 140 million yuan net income, increase 35 million yuan than last year.

   Him Qiao Wenqing was planted many mus of 40 medlar, because strict according to standardizes manufacturing plant, science fertilizes, not only yield is high, product quality also more get the better of one prepare. He says, a mu of his ground can gather many kilograms of 300 dried fruit about, than average peasant household a mu of ground collects many kilograms 100 more, eliminate outside about 1500 yuan cost, a mu of ground but net 5000 yuan.

   Vanward guard is the agricultural old guard that is pillar industry with medlar, have the medlar grow history of 40 one's remaining years. Earth of Yellow River water, the bend of a river, impose the climate requirement with distinctive area of the bend of a river, be pregnant with of vanward medlar high quality, the medlar build that grows here is big sweet degree tall. The pioneer presses down farmland gross area to have 60 thousand mus, medlar cultivates an area to achieve many mus 50 thousand, the income of 80 % farmer relies on medlar.

   In the medlar garden of farmer Zhang Heping, we saw a kind of distinctive medlar breed, fresh fruit build resembles equestrian milk grape almost so big. It is the Meng Qi of new breed “ that him Zhang Heping breeds a ” . Occupy Zhang Heping to tell, a ” compares “ Meng Qi common breed crop is big, grain is big, very picked, a person does not pick common assortment one day 50 kilograms, and “ Meng Qi a person can pick a ” one day many kilograms 100. Current, this breed has become the popular commodities on the market, demand exceeds supply.

   2001, vanward guard investment is built many yuan 140 had market of medlar of Chen He fish. Every arrive autumn harvest season, the travelling merchant that comes from countrywide each district gathers hereat, trade every year medlar many tons 800, trade the forehead achieves many yuan 600.
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