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"The king of dried fruit " word chestnut
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Chestnut with our the Chinese nation the development of civilization history has extremely close relationship. " Zhi of village · pilfer " in say: “ is ancient person birds and beasts is much and the person is little, then civilian all mew is resided with avoiding, day feeds oak chestnut, on dusk perch, of friend name say family name having nest. ” is visible, in fast ancient, chestnut is the important food that the mankind lives, the swaddle period of ancestor of an ancient name for China and childhood times, it is in “ day feeds oak chestnut, spend in the forest of the ” on dusk perch. Su Qin of the Political Strategists when the Warring States arrives swallow country go canvassing, say to Yan Wenhou: “ Yan Guona has the forgive of door of wild goose of stone tablet stone, north has the interest of jujube chestnut, civilian although not cropland is made, and the full of jujube chestnut is fed at civilian, this so-called season government office also. Song Zi of person of ” the Song Dynasty also is in " millet is ripe " praise in the poem say: “ in all period Qiu Shi fills bowel full do not admire Chun Hua in an instant empty. ” at this late hour, chestnut still belongs to a kind of important dried fruit and wood this commissariat.

Chestnut, the beauty of the king ” that element has “ dried fruit praise. Its breed is very much, the Chinese chestnut that includes our country special local product, Mao Li and chinquapin inside, have 6 belong to 300 a variety of. Chinese chestnut is benefited time is long, crop is stable, and nutrition is rich, delicate and goluptious, reason element has ” of crops of “ iron lever say. A lot of our country places bred a lot of admirable variety meticulously still. The Beijing that be like a river east Chinese chestnut skin thin, bead big, smell is sweet, sweet glutinous, nice ” of “ a four-line poem with five characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme and celebrated China and foreign countries; Chinese chestnut of Jiangsu Pi county, with “ skin lubricious dark reddish purple, grain delicate and full, sweet, be like boxing ” greatly and praise full whole nation; Without ” of chestnut of sweet-scented osmanthus of Xi Huishan “ , already sweet stick again, there is sweet smell of a sweet-scented osmanthus again when eating, love by people; Appropriate promotes red ” of produces “ the Limit of Heat, pulp pole glutinous, sweet and goluptious, appropriate refine sugar fries chestnut, can rival with Heibei chestnut: Shandong produces ” of Chinese chestnut of abundant of gold of new breed “ , pulp is golden, its smell is sweet, ripe second contact is soft glutinous, for the promising young person; Chinese chestnut suppositions on Zhejiang, guangxi green chestnut, lubricious delicate beautiful, big well-balanced and popular international market.
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