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Lu county: Small walnut makes big industry
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Channel of xinhua net Henan 3 gorge daily reported question on September 14: (reporter Wang Shaogang) the crown of the year that at present is walnut, in Lu county Fan Li presses down walnut of big Yuan village to produce garden of walnut of base and Wen Yucun of article valley countryside to connect a cultivated walnut tree to fall, farmer people plucking cheerly walnut. Bureau of this county forestry tells a reporter about personnel: “ now, entire county walnut produces income to already broke through 100 million yuan to close greatly, became the another pillar industry in agriculture of Lu county characteristic. ”

Lu county helps advance somebody's career artificially walnut already had 1000 old histories. Current, entire county walnut helps advance somebody's career artificially area 260 thousand mus of 5 million individual plant, among them thoroughbred area 60 thousand mus of 2.64 million individual plant. Walnut (dried fruit) often produce per year a quantity 7.5 million kilograms, crop is located in countrywide walnut 10 strong counties the 4th, house Henan saves the first, name the countryside ” of “ China walnut by national forestry bureau.

In recent years, lu county regards as walnut production short, smooth, fast become rich the project will catch, make full use of the country is retreated return n cultivated land forest, old quarter of a mountainous area and integrated development, revolution gives aid to wait for favourable policy, develop walnut property energetically, established walnut of county of association of walnut of county of company of group of Lu county walnut, Lu, Lu early or late institute and Lu county walnut are thoroughbred the orgnaization such as breed center, strengthen walnut to produce government ceaselessly, increase walnut thoroughbred breed and popularize, guide a farmer actively to be connected centrally piece cultivate, walnut cultivated area and crop to have grow considerably. 2006, income of entire county walnut amounts to 120 million yuan, among them dried fruit income amounts to 90 million yuan, nursery stock income amounts to 10 million yuan, treatment industry income amounts to 20 million yuan. According to forecasting, this year, the walnut crop of Lu county will achieve 10 million kilograms, income will break through 100 million yuan.