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The dried fruit sell like hot cakes such as walnut, ginkgo and big jujube
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The night mid-autumn, people enjoys the glorious full moon, month of hold a memorial ceremony for, eat moon cake, outside dividing moon cake, all sorts of season dried fruit such as walnut, ginkgo, big jujube, longan also are mid-autumn nocturnal cate. Consequently, be full of the walnut of nutrient value, officinal function, dried fruit such as ginkgo, what also become people to go close to visit friend when festival comes mid-autumn is necessary article.

According to investigation, although leave,at present the Mid-autumn Festival still has time of ten days this year, but Linyi citizen has begun these festival dried fruit such as walnut of choose and buy, ginkgo, basically land market of Linyi dried fruit the walnut of countrywide each district, ginkgo and big jujube entirely at the same time, and progressively sell like hot cakes rises.

Walnut: Xinjiang, Heibei and be heated of product of Shaanxi substandard ground are held in both hands

9 days, the reporter is in Linyi urban district market of product of sea of dried fruit of Huadong farming trade understands, current, walnut of countrywide each district begins to land market of Linyi dried fruit in succession mostly, among them peach of centrosphere of substandard of Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Shanxi suffers Linyi citizen to welcome fully with respective advantage.

Inside this market, reporter discovery is very much provincial the walnut that produce gets the businessman's favour. According to this market a walnut manages door of course of study to introduce, as the drawing near of festival and walnut begin to enter autumn mid-autumn, a lot of citizens begin to buy edible perhaps uses him walnut to visit friend in person. He still says, walnut renown ” of “ macrobian fruit, it is wonderful dietotherapy beautiful is tasted, have effect of be good at head and rich nutrient value. For example the ” of walnut of “ stone door of Heibei because skin thin, grain fine, smell is sweet, and oil yield is in 75% above, become the ” of “ oily king of be worthy of the name. And the ” of walnut of skin of paper of library car “ of Xinjiang because its fast, yield is high as a result, give oil tall, very large share was held inside the market. The walnut of Shanxi and Shaanxi because the skin is thin, benevolence full, flesh is qualitative exquisite very get consumer reception.

The officinal value as a result of walnut is high at the same time, apply in respect of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine extensive. The scale fat that it contains has effect of good health care to cranial nerve, and eat walnut to be able to enrich the blood more raise spirit, relieve a cough smooth asthma, moisten the respiratory tract is aperient wait for favorable effect, accordingly, during walnut is at present mature, walnut appears on the market, be held in both hands by the heat of Linyi citizen.

Ginkgo: In former days ” of “ royal articles of tribute walks into common other people
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