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Snacks becomes a white-collar diabetic prime criminal (graph)
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Snacks becomes a white-collar diabetic prime criminal (graph)

Snacks becomes a white-collar diabetic prime criminal

Want to eat vegetable more, the result ate ” of vegetable salad of too much “ , instead because was irrigated on vegetable thick a salad oil, make the quantity of heat that absorb overmuch; When watching TV, keep taking recreational sock; To reduce weight, light takes course, do not have a meal …… started a few days ago Shanghai community is diabetic 2008 on first lecture of activity of popular science of series of project of scientific prevention and cure, endocrine division expert is citizen check a lot of error.

Be pregnant of “ white-collar, youth adds the habit of eat ’ happily with snacks ‘ , it is to have a diabetic or candy metabolization is unusual very big hidden trouble actually. Division director Professor Liang Rui points out endocrine of hospital of ” Hua Dong, wait like melon seeds, walnut, pignut, preserved fruit and word plum, excessive eats more, eat to be not moved only, quantity of its high fever, tall salinity, become diabetic inducement possibly. Some people do not feel snacks quantity of heat is high, actually, 10 pignut are equivalent to half rice. Often have the person of these snacks, bring about very easily model body is fat. Not only such, the saline taste food such as plum of preserved fruit, word, the salinity that contains among them is quite tall also. Long-term edible, still may cause high blood pressure. Fat have diabetic the biggest potential factor namely with hypertensive itself.

Bridge professor reminds, the oil in dish and protein intake are very tall, exceed the amylaceous quantity of heat in rice possibly still even, because this “ takes course only, do not have a meal ” may bring about quantity of heat to absorb mark of unfavorable balance of trade.

Show according to statistic, philtrum of every 10 Shanghai has 1 person sugar metabolization is abnormal. Professor Shi Kuixiong says director of reputation of city nutrition institute, current, this city the diabetic incidence of a disease of 20 years old of above is about 5% to 6% , and blood sugar is spent gently elevatory, the likelihood develops to also be in for diabetic “ reserve ” 5% the left and right sides. In ” of diabetic “ reserve, still have the diabetic of person translate into of 7% every year about.