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"Thin-skinned walnut " stone is not bungled
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Stone of ” of “ thin-skinned walnut is not bungled

  Look of jade-like stone story sees Zhao Ying of our newspaper reporter hold broken thin-skinned big walnut, stone of redemptive family expenses is not bungled. Yesterday, the ” of butcher “ flicker that Ms. Wang that lives in garden of Haidian area dawn is sold walnut by roadside.

What “ butcher says he sells is hickory, the hand is held broken, still set an example to us on the spot. ” king lady says, she takes out a few walnut from basket casually, the eye is looking at butcher to be held broken, inside benevolence particularly big still. See walnut is so good, a lot of person is contended for buy.

Spent 10 yuan of money to buy two jins of walnut, can come home, walnut nevers mention it held, do not be bungled with big stone. Housing became thick several do not say, benevolence also be to work again small. This ability realizes Ms. Wang, there is polybag of a blue beside butcher, there also is walnut inside. “ is the prop of his stealthily substitute one thing for another then so. When the Ms. Wang farewell such as ” goes searching, those who sell walnut is early disappeared.

The reporter causes electrical engineering business and city valve with respect to this matter, the staff member expresses, butcher is the hickory that the skin Bao Yi breaks hides in cuff beforehand, etc buyer comes, grab at will, through ” of stealthily substitute one thing for another of the one “ in the hand, become immediately hold broken, what can sell is the common walnut of thick carapace completely. The city is in charge of team member to say, these butcher do one hammer business completely, did not secure a place, very difficult confiscate.