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Jujube of a kilogram of rich Selenium sells 50 yuan of Le Ling gold-rimmed small
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We produce “ avoid wash Fu Xi gold-rimmed jujube, in Shanghai light chain supermarket sells 50 yuan every kilograms to still demand exceeds supply. This not, the client had sent order to come again. ” this morning, when the author is interviewed to limited company of food of happy hill the New World-the Americas, brave of company general manager Zhao one face smile, he is lifting the fax order that just receives to send deep feeling greatly.

   Le Ling gold-rimmed small jujube is Shandong famous product, but as a result of past breed drab, ageing, elegant demeanour of market of a paragraph of period is broken gradually. In last few years, this city is seeking the way of ” of break out of an encirclement of “ of small jujube industry all the time. Last year, they and hall of province science and technology cooperate, in carry out while standardization is produced, increase strength of innovation of science and technology, research develops rich Selenium small jujube product of this one characteristic. Last year October, happy hill rich Selenium gold-rimmed small jujube just entered Shanghai field “ prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan have one's moment ” , although the price is common of small jujube severalfold, still accept favour fully, demand exceeds supply.

   According to Le Ling bureau of city science and technology is in charge of like-minded introduction, current, this city already developed Fu Xi gold-rimmed small jujube base 100 thousand mus, year producible Fu Xi gold-rimmed small jujube 50 million kilograms, 152 thousand jujube farming attended Fu Xi gold-rimmed small jujube standardizes production to groom. Last year already the Zhu Ji of ” of benefit of “ of jujube of savor rich Selenium presses down Hanzhen of villager of Li Xuean village to connect agitato to say: “ breeds rich Selenium jujube, a mu of jujube forest just increases a hundred or so one year yuan devoted, but production value can compare common jujube tower above however two 3 times. This year, I prepare to change 6 mus of jujube forest into rich Selenium jujube completely. ”