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Large new county holds Guangxi section of the 4th longan
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People network is large new on August 7 report now, large new county holds Guangxi section of the 4th longan. On the opening ceremony, held longan to produce autograph of contract of purchase and sale of project of deep treatment of technical cooperation, longan, longan to arrange a ceremony. Prize-giving ceremony of ” of the astral ” of 10 big longan and tree of longan of “ key protection reachs “ of large 2007 new county section photography exhibits longan to also be held that day. After the opening ceremony ends, personnel attending the meeting heads for orchard of longan of new Huacun of town of peach of large new county to attend “ to walk into ” of orchard series activity.

   Big new it is the whole nation 6 big longan produce one of base, the beauty of the countryside ” that element has “ longan praise. Current, this county longan cultivates an area to already amounted to 105 thousand mus, thoroughbred rate amounts to 71% above. The admirable breed such as eye of main and cultivated Xia having rock, big Wu Yuan, blessing, Chu Liang, come for years big new longan sells as far as to and other places of Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong with its distinctive good quality all the time.