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Beijing decides unqualified to 12 kinds of sampling observation food stops to se
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To ensure people healthy with person safety, the near future, beijing food does those who increase provision to detect strength, this week smokes sampling in all this 650, unqualified example 12 (unqualified food list sees subordinate list) , sampling observation percent of pass is 98.15% , among them vegetable, fresh pork, salt, rice, feed sampling observation of goods of pink of oil of vinegar, edible, sugar, bright grandma, dried fruit, nut, cereal, convenient cover, dried vegetable, wheat flour all qualification. Decide to this 12 kinds of food stop to sell now.

On June 4, 2008

Food little common sense:

Peng changes the choose and buy that reachs deepfry snack

One, want label of choose and buy to show complete and detailed product. Should notice to whether have manufacturing date and expiration period particularly, buy the product of the near future. Food label is the bridge between connection consumer and product, read the content of clear label seriously, the label tags all ready product to make product quality safety has basic safeguard.

2, should choose reliable businessman and brand. Good businessman guards a pass to the quality of replenish onr's stock of commodity more severe, sells commodity quality has relatively assure. No matter its product is to pack, taste or immanent quality are excellent, quality safety has good safeguard.

3, should examine product outer packing. Be squashed to prevent Peng to change provision, broken, prevent product oil oxidation, acid to be defeated, many Peng change food to pack gas should be filled to ensure Peng to change provision inside bag long-term and changeless color, changeless flavour. When buying Peng to change provision, if discovery is packed flat, consumer is unfavorable choose and buy.

4, should avoid to buy sales promotion toy or card and food to mix the product of outfit directly. In intense food market competition, consume to attract children group, grocer people did carry secretly —— to be in in succession finalize the design toy or card are laid in the food that pack. This kind of course of action has hidden trouble, on one hand cheeper and low age children regards the toy as easily food eats go down, no matter be metal or plastic toy and food,mix on the other hand installing is epinosic. National regulation is forbidden in food the blame food goods that loads direct contact food is mixed in packing.


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