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Parent of zero totality grade is not clear
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May 20 is day of Chinese student nutrition, concerned expert expresses, the proportion of child snack is higher, and data shows, the parent gives the snacks of more than 80% , the nutrient knowledge of a lot of parents and child rises urgently.

“ potato piece can eat every day, I eat every day. ”“ potato piece be deepfry, insalubrious, can not eat every day. ” is in in the mobile game that did not let snacks grab prandial gastric ” to give priority to a problem with “ , a few children round a packet of potato piece fireworks.

Zero totality is “ but often edible ” (everyday edible) , “ is proper edible ” (come 1 times 2 times every week) , ” of “ limitation edible (do not exceed 1 times every week) 3 grade, " children adolescent snacks consumes a guideline " already issued half an year, but when the parent that joins this activity takes this booklet, feel generally accident. Is “ original potato of wing of fried chicken piece, fried chicken, blast piece, do these belong to coke, ice cream limitative class snacks kind? A mom expresses ” surprisingly, “ restricts the snacks of edible level, eat every week cannot exceed! ”

An investigation shows: The children of 89.9% , adolescent has the habit of snack. The expert expresses, excessive snack brings about child lose one's appetite to eat prandial, cause hidebound appearance more and more general, this one problem nots allow to ignore. (Ren Bai)

To “ ” of the salt that be not iodine says not

May 15 is our country iodine of prevention and cure of the 15th “ lacks ill day ” . Guangzhou city health bureau introduces, city health bureau and combination of door of Ministry of Education were in whole town small school to begin healthy to pupil education and iodic salt to differentiate an activity last year, whole town shares more than 450 thousand pupil to bring back domestic salt the school to undertake iodine detects, detect the result shows, edible salt iodic percent of pass is achieved 94.42% .

Salt industry company shows, the citizen that great majority comes round to seek advice does not know how to discern iodic salt of true and false, can pack through salt actually and the iodic salt that wraps mount prevents bogus encode to undertake discriminating. Detect the result still shows, guangzhou iodic salt was enclothed last year rate for 94.1% , rate of iodic salt edible is dweller qualification 92% .