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Dried persimmon is general on labour of frost former humanness makes noodles or
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Dried persimmon is general on labour of frost former humanness makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch

The dried persimmon that sells on home market at present went up almost a good-looking Bai Shuang, can cause the desire to buy of consumer particularly. However the personage inside course of study discloses, natural on the dried persimmon of frost takes one fraction only actually, at present the exists generally persimmon frost on the market is added artificially actually likely.

Autonomous county of respectful city the Yao nationality is production of accepted Guangxi zoology fruit demonstrative county of the biggest county and countrywide zoology agriculture, it is the countryside ” of persimmon of the throughout the country that national Ministry of Agriculture maintains' only “ China month, the green fruit base here produces every year fragile persimmon and dried persimmon sell as far as to a large number of fresh fruit domestic and international. In breed - firedamp - cultivate Trinitarian zoology agriculture mode to fall, respectful city produces close 1 every year. 50 thousand tons of dried persimmon, ” of persimmon of month of “ respectful city with the flesh red qualitative softness of transparent, cloth with soft nap, Qing Tianfang is sweet high reputation is enjoyed in home, southeast Asia nation is reached in Korea very popular also.

At present is the peak season that persimmon appears on the market. The reporter saw in terminal market of fruit of respectful city county recently, the dried persimmon colour and lustre that just closed is dark red submit translucent form, very inviting, but did not take frostlike powder basically. Although meeting country fairdyke day, but lock of gate of great majority shop front, there is agency of a few a few other places to pack dried persimmon in constituent worker only inside so big market, appear compare cold and cheerless. A farmer says village of respectful town happy bay: “ does not know how to return a responsibility this year, in former years this moment whenever what car of belt of boss of other place of country fairdyke day comes over to buy dried persimmon is particularly much. ”

The technology of quality of respectful city county that understanding a situation in the market supervises bureau director Tangzuli to say to the reporter, respectful city begins artificial to dried persimmon “ to hit problem of the frost on powdery ” to undertake controlling this year, of short duration of industrial and commercial recently branch buckled “ of a batch of courses to hit powdery ” to prepare the dried persimmon of export, a lot of agency turn and have not prohibit clearly to periphery the place that “ makes powdery ” , this produced certain effect to the sale of respectful city this locality.
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