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Smoked plum of Xinjiang gal division
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Smoked plum, words of Wei Wu Er says “ noise made in coughing or vomiting pulls Yu Luke ” (the meaning of black apricot) . The smoked plum of gal division county belongs to the mutation of European plum, have fight salt alkaline, be able to bear or endure the characteristic with drought and thin skin. Violet black is presented after fructification is mature, flavour acid is sweet goluptious, 4 years of results after helping advance somebody's career.

Smoked plum contains a variety of elements such as vitamin C, protein, cane sugar, calcic, iron, nutrition is rich. In " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " , " divine farming a book on Chinese medicine " He Weiwu has account in Er medicine book, element has ” of fruit of “ heaven medicine say. The expert also thinks, smoked plum is had appetizing, life-giving, raise colour, the effect that prevents cancer.

Smoked plum conduces to let the blood inside body be worth soda acid balance, the person with amiss irascibility eats smoked plum more, not only can reduce irascibility, can help taste digest more, alimentary and hepatic.

Mood hotspur, eat a few smoked plum everyday, keep buoyant, natural everything is not easy irritated heart.

Additional, smoked plum more contain rich organic acid and mineral, its calcium content and iron content are several times more than banana, it is the healthy food of kind of rare. Smoked plum is contained special, fasten much compose to photograph acid, can restrain lactic acid effectively, and drive makes the harmful material of hemal ageing.