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Xinjiang melon and fruit
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Xinjiang reached peculiar natural condition to foster the melon and fruit of this raise the world with distinctive geographical environment, had thereby alone dried fruit food! Value of economy of Xinjiang dried fruit is very high; Major contain vegetable oil, protein, amylaceous, candy, ' reachs vitamin AI, B1; B2, wait with glucoside, calcic, magnesian, natrium, Potassium, iron, barium, silicon, still can regard as the important raw material of advanced food, more is rich medicinal material. In minority medicinal material, often serve as the tonic of the prolong life. According to modern medicine research, above essence has filling energy of life strong body, relieve a cough smooth asthma, beneficial wisdom calms the nerves wait for effect, medicable body empty is faint; Building of Gou of cough of empty of lumbar genu ache, hemal bate, hypertensive, neurasthenic, lung, stomach trouble, children.