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Xinjiang is feral black rose currant
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The history of Xinjiang production currant is long, according to " peace and tranquility is wide write down " account, between old of the same age of state of bridge of the Southern Dynasties (535-540 of the Christian era year) , gao Changguo (spitting today rash time county) ever sent emissary to contribute currant to Liang Wu emperor; Archaeology worker is being spat rash time there also is discovery in Tang Dynasty grave. Spit now rash time produces currant, except sell past home to visit town each, still export and other places of Japan, southeast Asia, Hong Kong.

This tasting use Xinjiang to air of grape of feral black rose is basked in and be become. 100 % natural free from contamination. Product colour and lustre sterling, local color is distinctive, do not contain any additive and pigment, the nutrient component such as a variety of microelement iron that contain rich natural fructose, protein, vitamin, cellulose and human body place to need, Potassium, calcic, phosphor, magnesium, provide identification of foreign division academia, a kind of special material that fight cancer is contained in currant, it is a kind of multipurpose pure natural and healthy food.

Xinjiang dried fruit reached peculiar natural condition to foster the melon and fruit of this raise the world with distinctive geographical environment, had the dried fruit food with peculiar Xinjiang thereby! Value of economy of Xinjiang dried fruit is very high; Major contain vegetable oil, protein, amylaceous, candy, and vitamin AI, B1; B2, wait with calcic, magnesian, natrium, Potassium, iron, still can regard as the important raw material of advanced food, more is rich medicinal material. In minority medicinal material, often serve as the tonic of the prolong life. According to modern medicine research, above essence has filling energy of life strong body, relieve a cough smooth asthma, beneficial wisdom calms the nerves wait for effect, medicable body empty is faint; Building of Gou of cough of empty of lumbar genu ache, hemal bate, hypertensive, neurasthenic, lung, stomach trouble, children. If you do not have an opportunity to come Xinjiang, the dried fruit that tastes Xinjiang with respect to foretaste then you can dote on … certainly these delicate and goluptious snacks, the mount in the pocket a few, taste a satisfy a craving, still need not worry about get fat oh … : )