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Holy female fruit
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Holy female fruit renown cherry tomato, do not see it small, ordinary. The profit that actually it brings to us returns big move!

Determine according to research: Each everyday edible 20 grams - fruit of 50 Ke Sheng daughter, can satisfy the need with to a few kinds mineral human body. The ” of “ tomato element that holy daughter contains if really, have the effect that restrains a bacterium; Contained malic acid, citric acid and saccharide, peptic function, have diuresis effect to nephritis patient.

In recent years the scientist discovers, one kind still is contained to fight the cancer, material that fights consenescence in tomato [peptide of cereal Guang pleasant] . Clinical determine, when human body inside [peptide of cereal Guang pleasant] when chroma rises, the incidence of a disease of cancer drops apparently, still can defer certain cell consenescence. Hypertensive patient everyday pink of female fruit of morning edible emperor 20 grams, can fall blood pressure; The person that gum bleeds uses noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of holy female fruit every months take medicine with water of 25 Ke Jiabai sugar take half month repeatedly, can have hemostatic effect;

Nutrition of holy female fruit is rich and quantity of heat is low, a lot of model rely on edible emperor female fruit to carry a figure. Its rich acidity juice can help you balance cutaneous PH value. Black to the skin and rude person, can add pink of holy female fruit egg blueness besmear to go up at the face, after staying about 15 minutes, wash with clear water clean, facial to purify dead skin is big helpful. Holy daughter also is the vegetable that contains a lot ofvitaminic C if really, inside pink of holy female fruit honey of mixture a few is brushed at facial, clean clean after more than 10 minutes, it is OK to hold to every day dispel spot beauty is white.

Acid of pleasant of flavour of holy female fruit, sex is smooth, have clear hot detoxify, cool blood smooth liver, reduce blood pressure, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop disappear of stomach of thirsty, key is fed wait for effect. Have the person of disease of hypertensive, heart disease, hepatitis, kidney disease, if hold to everyday edible, right healthy have profit greatly. If average person often eats tomato raw, very beneficial also to avoiding high blood pressure.