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The nutrition of fig and medical treatment action
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Fig calls Shou Guo, tomorrow fruit, sweet fruit again, it is bush of mulberry family fallen leaves or small tree, adaptability is strong, help advance somebody's career easy, investment is little, get effective fast, plant diseases and insect pests is little, it is the fruit tree that development outlook has extremely in small impurities fruit. Fig rod is brawny without wool; Blade pours egg form or intimate circle, long 10—12 centimeter, provide 3—5 to be cracked greatly, tip circle is blunt, xie Yuan has not orderly and toothed, foliaceous watch is coarse, foliaceous back has bristle; Spend unisexual, male and female to be the same as individual plant, also have trunk of a tree of few number different; Spend by total thalamus etc if really implement composition, fruit form oblate or egg form, between breed size difference is very big, —10 month is mature in July, ripe hind coping craze, peel is changed to violet brown by afforest, pulp arrives from pink cardinal, outside be being fed except delicacy, still can make pink of fruit doing, preserved fruit, conserve, confiture, fruit, wine, potted, profess to convinced fluid and do candied mug-up to add makings.

Without change fruit odour scent, smell is sweet, nutrition is rich. According to the analysis, protein is contained in every 500 grams 3.7 grams, adipose 1.5 grams, carbohydrate 46.6 grams, quantity of heat 215 kilocalorie, crude fibre is 7 grams, calcic 181 milligram, iron 1.5 milligram, carotene 0.19 milligram, vitamin C4 milligram, contain in fruit juice a variety of organic acid and enzymatic kind.

The medical value of fig is very high also, it is a kind of fruit, medicine holds concurrently with the plant. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks fig flavour pleasant is smooth, have be good at stomach, clear bowel, detumescence, alexipharmic effect. Civilian constant in order to treats the following disease: (1) dyspeptic, do not think food: With Xian Guo a —2, morning and evening each. (2) guttural gall, dry cough does not have phlegmy: With Xian Guo a —2, candied date or jujube 2, lie between water to stew sodden eat, daily take —2 1 times second. (3) lobar heat is cracked: Take fig 30 grams, water simmer in water moves rock candy to take. (4) ringworm of the foot: Extract affected part of juice juice Tu Yu with unbaked Xian Guo, daily 2—3 second, add smear several days. In addition, fig can reduce high blood pressure, defer consenescence, eliminate human body exhaustion, enhance immune power, have particularly combat cancer and the effect that reduce the poisonous side effect that changes cure to cause apparently.