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Feminine sweet currant
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Many dried fruit have his to promote the unique skill of human body health severally, the calcium that contains like fig is other fruity character 3 times; Orange fruit contains many carotene like and so on of peach, apricot; The antioxidant that plum place contains is general fruity multiple. And the nutrient part that currant place contains makes a researcher praise greatly more, because of it accumulate contain can fall not less the composition of cholesterol, the wine that leads to with the grape is antagonism heart disease more is important feed fill.

Sand of American California city holds a research that expert of director of Si Jiankang research center, dietetics has done before long before Shipier in the palm to make clear, if photograph phase of an eclipse to become everyday at currant of 400 calories of caloric, the cholesterol in can reducing blood effectively 8 % , still can restrain the oxidation of bad cholesterol in blood at the same time. In addition, currant can improve anal health, because currant contains fiber and tartaric acid, can let fecal pass rectum quickly, reduce the time that contamination keeps in bowel. More exciting is, a kind of part that calls alcohol of Bai Li Lu is contained in currant, it prevents a cell effectively evil the growth that change or restrains malignant tumor.  

Additional, the fiber in currant can prevent fructose to be changed into fat of 3 acerbity glycerine in blood, make the index of fat of the 3 acerbity glycerine in blood falls about 16 % , and fat of 3 acerbity glycerine is a kind of blood adipose, what can increase meet with to contract heart disease is dangerous.