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Hawkthorn nutrition is analysed
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1. hawkthorn can prevent and cure cardiovascular disease, have outspread blood-vessel, increase flow of blood of coronal arteries and veins, improvement system of heart vigor, excited central nervous, reduce blood-vessel of blood pressure and cholesterol, bate and diuresis and composed effect;
2. hawkthorn acid still has strong heart effect, also have profit to senile sex heart disease;
3. it can be appetizing disappear is fed, function of sluggish of dyspepsia of special offset flesh is better. Hawkthorn was used in medicine of a lot of eupeptic;
4. hawkthorn has invigorate the circulation of blood to change the effect of silt, conduce to remove local gore condition, have auxiliary curative effect to injuries from falls;
Palace of 5. hawkthorn two pairs has contractive effect, in pregnant woman about to give birth from time to tome ecbolic effect, can promote postpartum uterus to recover from an illness;
The material such as the yellow ketone that 6. hawkthorn place contains and vitamin C, carotene block is broken and can reduce freedom radical generate, can enhance the immune power of airframe, have defend the anile, action that fights cancer;
There is smooth asthma in 7. hawkthorn the expectorant, part that controls diarrhoea of bellyacke of bacterium, cure.
The person that 8. is born is unfavorable feed more.

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