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Mango is one of famous and intertropical fruits, renown Meng fruit, Mang fruit, frowsty fruit, honey looks, look at fruit, hut pineapple fruit to wait, because its pulp is exquisite, local color is distinctive, love by people, so element has ” of king of “ intertropical fruit praise say. Beautiful of all of mango color, sweet, flavour, nutrition is rich, pulp of every 100 grams contains vitamin C 56. 4—137. 5 milligram, some can be as high as 189 milligram; The quantity that contain sugar 16 % of 14 ~ ; Protein is contained in the seed 5. 6 % ; Adipose 16. 1 % ; Carbohydrate 69. 3 % . Edible mango has use of beneficial stomach, satisfy one's thirst, diuretic, mature mango can make delay on medicine corrupt agent and diuretic, the seed can make insecticide and astringent. Mango pulp is juicily, delicious and goluptious, the flavor that holds peach, apricot, Li Heping concurrently to wait if really, if midsummer eats on a few, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, disappear heat easy is magical.