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Small jujube
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Firstly, it participates in life nucleic acid and the synthesis with all sorts of enzymatic biochemistry and metabolization directly, affect segmentation, breed and heredity; Have fight oxidisability and cleared system by force inside the physiology function of freedom radical, defer consenescence; Insist to often fill scientificly selenium can drop the negative charge of poisonous microelement inside body at the same time, without doubt, should be the mankind all enjoys natural span of life, live to be one of efficient ways of age of the biggest biology, the dream that makes people health macrobian becomes reality.

Secondly, enhance power of human body immunity. Selenium has main effect to the immunity of airframe and defence function, can raise function of animal body immunity and the generation that provoke albumen and antibody, enhance immune power.

Thirdly, disease of heart head blood-vessel, hepatic disease, Keshan disease, asthmatic disease, diabetic etc a variety of 40 diseases and often be short of selenium to concern, often fill scientificly selenium can help cure and the happening that prevent these diseases.

Its 4, selenium is heavy metal antidote, the harm of can counteractive cadmium to kidney, germen and central nervous. The heavy metal such as the lead inside selenium and body, mercuric, thallium is united in wedlock, form poison of metallic Selenium albumen is compound and alexipharmic, platoon; It is better to pollute the crowd of the area to have to the environment gas defence the effect that prevent cancer.

Its 5, selenium element can prevent and cure cancer, already was learned by cure bound place is accepted, investigate discovery to 27 countries and area according to epidemiology, selenium is contained in the country with cancer incidence of a disease, high mortality and area and its district and food inferior about, practice proves to add selenium in food, make cancer incidence of a disease drops.

At present intake of selenium of our country average per capita should be daily 50~200 microgramme, if human body is daily intake is long-term under 50 microgramme, will cause a variety of diseases such as blood-vessel of head of disease of cancer, liver, heart.

Because the biology half-life of selenium is two weeks or so, metabolize inside body faster, absorb eduction ceaselessly, because of Selenium of this indispensible and ceaseless complement, will maintain the balance of nutrition of the Selenium inside body. Our country has 72% population to be short of the life in the environment of selenium badly perhaps in deficient Selenium, that is to say close billion population needs filling Selenium. After passing “ SARS ” , the consciousness of consumptive science and technology of people increases generally, be in especially big city is arisen upsurge of ” of “ Fu Xi, as knowledge of science filling Selenium gain ground, fu Xi gold-rimmed the table that small jujube will enter an innumberable families. Someone says, popularize Fu Xi gold-rimmed small jujube breeds a technology is a great cause, dispute of this kind of viewpoint often has insight.
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