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Yangtao of fruit gold mine
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Our country is the country of origin of yangtao, in the breed of on the world 54 yangtao, mutation and type, our country occupies 52. 1906, after New Zealand gardener introduces yangtao from our country, breed meticulously, increase ceaselessly sweet degree, reduce acidity. Began commercial production 1940, grow area is close 10 thousand mus. The fruit form as a result of yangtao very the country that resembles New Zealand bird “ base dimension ” , because this gives it,name “ base dimension fruit ” .

   Except New Zealand, the country such as Russia, United States, England, France, Belgian, Japan, Italy, Germany, Holand, Israel, Egypt, Iran, India, Australia also introduce a fine variety yangtao.

   Yangtao world of can famed whole world, fashionable, because the fructification softness of yangtao is juicily,be, acid is sweet goluptious, nutrition is rich. In pulp of every 100 grams, contain protein 0.8 grams, adipose 0.6 grams, carbohydrate 8-14 gram, calcic 27 milligram, phosphor 26 milligram, iron 1.2 milligram, and the amino acid that all sorts of human body place need. Additional, the content of its vitamin C is extremely high, for 100-420 milligram, taller than the apple 19- 33 times, taller than pear 22-139 times, consequently by people praise the king ” that is “ world fruit and ” of mine of “ fruit gold.

   Come nearly 10 years, bound of our country medicine uses yangtao delicacy at clinical trial with fruit juice if really, discover yangtao to carcinogen — inferior the amine of saltpetre amine base synthesis has block to stop action, have the effect that reduces serum cholesterol and triglyceride. So, often eat yangtao and its product, the disease such as fat of hypertension of prevention and cure, can tall blood, coronary heart disease, cancer. In addition, but nautical, aviation, space navigation reachs the health food of staff member and the athlete such as downy, high temperature,yangtao is returned.

Introduce the dietotherapy method of a few yangtao now, offer reader try out:

   Flay of 1. Xian Guo, daily unripe feed 50 grams left and right sides, can treat inside heat up a dry, be perturbed and god tired force; Also can use at disease of hypertension of prevention and cure, heart and vessels and enteron cancer.
2. Xian Guo 200 grams, flay wrings juice, daily time drink is taken, medicable pee short bare, acerbity painful, apply to inside hot, articulatory ache.
3. Xian Guo 500 grams, flay pound, add decoction of right amount clear water 30 minutes, add 500 grams honey next, close cream bottle reserves. Every time 1 spoon, daily 2, can prevent and cure the disease such as thirsty of irritated heat, disappear.
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