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Ningxia medlar
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Ningxia medlar is Ningxia special local product, it is exclusive the capable person of pure and valuable Chinese traditional medicine that names with Ningxia area name, be famous in China and foreign countries since ancient times, have very high medicine value and sanitarian function. Ningxia is medlar country of origin, help advance somebody's career medlar already had 500 old history, the ground regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it with benefit Ningxia distinctive area awaits a condition, the medlar that produces here is lubricious colourful, bead big, skin thin, flesh thick, seed little, Gan Tian.
Kind of plant spring selects its part of a historical period, be called day fine grass; Summer collects his to spend, be called immortal grass; The autumn collects his child, be called medlar; Collect its root in the winter, be called the root bark of Chinese wolfberry. Foliaceous beggar root can be used as medicine, people knows his only more child - - medlar. Medlar is the nourishing medicaments with commonly used Chinese traditional medicine, the gender is gentle, flavour pleasant is sweet, have nourishing liver kidney, strong bones and muscles, raise blood the effect of bright eye. Take at old people aptly especially, have the effect of the prolong life. " classics of divine farming a book on Chinese medicine " account: Long take medlar can strong bones and muscles. " do not record " and " property of a medicine is endowed with " middle finger goes out, medlar is good at benefiting energy spirit. The old longlived person of the cure academia of our country past dynasties likes to drink medlar wine very much. What our country folk also has alcoholic drink of bubble drink medlar is consuetudinary, call it “ however father ” , means can be prevented old. “ wants the eye is bright, ” of tipple medlar soup. Medlar, be used to since ancient times bright eye, so common people calls it ” of grass seed of “ bright eye again.
Modern medicine considers to make clear, medlar contains beet composition mixes acid of amine of alkaline, carotene, sulfur, riboflavin, Yan, vitamin C and the nutrition such as calcic, phosphor, iron mineral. Animal experiment proves, medlar has the effect that reduces blood sugar, be helpful for the cure of diabetic person and rehabilitation; Have restrain adipose in the deposit inside liver cell and action of newborn of stimulative liver cell, protection is hepatic; Have the effect of the cholesterol in reducing blood, can prevent the formation of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. In addition, medlar still can enhance power of human body immunity, stimulative hematopoiesis function, precaution is anaemic.
Medlar is being filled by the focal point of filling theory action of kidney medlar kidney, curative effect of lumbago of the empty that treat kidney is distinct, kidney empty lumbago can choose boiling water of medlar sheep kidney: Medlar 30 gram, ovine kidney a pair, add water to boil stew, drink soup to eat kidney.
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