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Longan also weighs longan, sexual Wen Weigan, beneficial heart is lienal, filling gas blood; Have good have alimentary benefiting effect, the insomnia that can be used at blood of caustic of heart lienal empty, gas to be not worth be caused by, forgetful, horrified, swimmy wait for disease.

Medicable still ill rear body loses or mental decline. The woman fills in postpartum attune very appropriate also. Li Shizhen is in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in account: "Food is with litchi expensive, and endowment beneficial criterion longan is fine " . To longan
Doubly praise highly.

Consider to confirm according to pharmacodynamics, longan contains a variety of nutriment such as dextrose, cane sugar and vitamin A, B, contain among them more is albumen, adipose and a variety of mineral.

These nutriment are very indispensible to human body. Special the person to work with one's mind or brains, bad news is sad disposition blood, more effective.

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