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Fruiter insect pest prevents and cure
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Fruiter insect pest

1) hawkthorn red spider
Distributinging area: Does nocturnal  return establish of crab of  of    ?
Configuration feature:  of discharge of  of Shenyang of shoot a glance at of Shenyang  defend is bald pull O of frame of male earth street the male? that swallow Gui. 5 millimeter, wine; Winter body length 0.4 millimeter, vermeil. Female into mite close elliptic, body carries ahead on the back a bit apophysis, unripe have 26 long and thin bristle, sufficient 4 pairs. The male body length that become mite is made an appointment with 0. 3 millimeter, olive, needle of ministry of second half of body human body is cut. Body carries two side on the back to have streak of a fore-and-aft black green each.
Egg: The circle is globose, tangerine of orange Huang Huo.
Young mite: Young mite circle broods first, ivory, sufficient 3 pairs, take reseda becomes after feeding, before wide hind narrow, show egg circle.
Be like mite: Reseda, sufficient 4 pairs, circle of early days egg, later period is like mite.
To kill crop: Does ζ of Tao   return ⑻ of Jin of ⒗ of  of  ⑸ interpose to shake a huge legendary turtle of  of ⒗ Wan skirt?
To kill a symptom: ⑿ of  of small house of fine gold of Jiao of ┲ of interpose  saute.
Classify attribute:  of be stranded of earnestly of  of Yao of ┲ Jiao ceremonial dress for royalty?
Come on characteristic: 10 generation of ~ of Po ⑸ ? , with be fertilized female be in into mite bark break, thick mix hypodermically stand by ministry of tree dry basis the live through the winter in 3 centimeters of deep soil gap. The 2nd year spring begins an activity when bud expand, give the tree on hibernate, when bud broadens, show green top to go up namely bud is kill, blade is transferred to go up namely after extending a part of a historical period to kill, inflorescence is detached period begin to lay eggs. The hatch after Xie Hua generation young mite, classics 7-10 day is full hatch. For generations takes the place of each after jackknife phenomenon is serious, annual with in July of happening of the last ten-day of a month the 3rd, 4 algebra amount is maximum. In July after the last ten-day of a month gradually subsidise, live through the winter is female also appear subsequently into mite.
Method of prevention and cure:
(Biological control improves 1) orchard zoology environment, the nature that exploits natural enemy controls function. Bird's-foot and reservation are cultivated to be helpful for the beneficial fireweed of natural enemy hyperplasia between malic tree travel, natural enemy of natural attract hyperplasia can make amount of the natural enemy in the orchard increases 5 ~ 10 times, plus operate artificially technology, make amount harmful mite reduces 70 % - 80 % , acaricide can reduce 80 % above.
(2) agriculture prevents and cure
① hawkthorn red spider is female live through the winter falls in truncal aperture and deadwood fallen leaves into mite, clean orchard and the base of live through the winter that blow bark to be able to reduce hawkthorn red spider effectively. ② Yu Qiumo, before the female live through the winter that become mite, truncal source of the grass that tie string, early spring gets off center burn down. ③ is in live through the winter is female before giving hibernate into mite, in truncal on sticky oily annulus undertakes on besmear sticky kill, of sticky oily annulus deserve to compare for: 10 soft bitumen add 3 useless engine oil to add fire to fuse. The besmear after refrigeration is in trunk upper part, besmear becomes 6 ~ 7 centimeters annulus, the umbrella that makes with pasteboard next builds content cover.
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