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Pomegranate insect pest prevents and cure
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Pomegranate pest basically has the snout moth's larva of eat by moth of aphid, peach, red spider, worm that eat a heart.
1, drug is insect-resistant: According to field insect pest situation, when the larva of the snout moth's larva of occurrence peach eat by moth, bug that eat a heart and egg, seasonable gush cloth the breast of peach small spirit of 30% is 2000 times oilier fluid, or 20% destroy the breast that sweep benefit is 3000 times oilier fluid, or ester of chrysanthemum of 20% cyanogen the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem 2000 times fluid, or breast of 20% chrysanthemum horse is 3000 times oilier fluid prevents and cure. Also prevent and cure with above drug to aphid, red spider, the effect is very good.

2, medical mud blocks a hole up: Collect fruit hind to come budding before, should get on the tree thoroughly and bury greatly. The crop such as stalk of the corn inside cleared garden, sorghum stalk, prevent to become the host of live through the winter of the pest. Often become warped on eliminate tree skin, jam with medical mud tree hole, daub is truncal and interstitial, reduce cardinal number of pest of live through the winter as far as possible.

3, sand lures bug: Be in a large number of piling up the place of fructification, the shop puts sand but trap and kill feeds heart bug.