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The main insect pest of jujube prevents and cure- - big ash resembles shell
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Big ash resembles shell: (monkey of name pointed mouth, grey Taoist priest)  
This bug belongs to elytrum eye, curculio division pest. Sing jujube of He Youling of seedling harmful a jujube in order to become, serious when can dispose of cultivates blade completely. This bug feeding habits is very miscellaneous, distributing in area of our country northward jujube, with Tianjin, Heibei, inside and other places of unconscious, Shandong is heavier.
① configuration feature: Imaginal: Body length makes an appointment with 9.5-12mm, all black, body is expressed by dust-colour scale, consequently appearance does not show black. The head is dumpier, there is a vertical channel among, antenna genu shape, compound eye black is elliptic, prothorax is largish, abdomen is a bit round, the bosom carries densely covered stipple on the back, vertical channel of composition, underwing degrades, cannot fly, have 6 legs that develop. Egg: Grow cylinder form, produce first ivory, gradual change is cinnamon. Black is after, long make an appointment with 1.2mm, wide make an appointment with 0.55mm. Larval: Ivory, fatter, old ripe larval body length makes an appointment with 17mm, body bend is curved, head Dan Huanghe is lubricious, dong the reverse side has few and far between bristle, without sufficient. Aurelian: Naked aurelian, ivory, close arris form.
② lives history reach characteristics: Produce generation one year, it is with imago in earth live through the winter, be buried deepness is 40-50cm. Imago of the last ten-day of a month came up out of land in April activity. The last ten-day of a month in May and the first ten days of a month was in June fill period, the middle ten days of a month was evening in June. 5-6 the middle of a month is kill jujube tree most serious, life 3-4 month. The reverse side of leaf of much by day conceal or earth are seamed in, can crawl only, and the start is slow, stand fall to the ground of the play dead after alarming, early morning and dusk are kill. The last ten-day of a month in June lays eggs in great quantities, egg is originated in hold the lamina that close in the arms among. Egg piece is little person more than 10, much person amount to tens of bead, day of egg period 8-9, the larva of hatch is taken a little in holding the lamina that close in the arms after feeding, in getting be buried namely, take feed plant root ministry to make a living. In the pupate in earth, in those days emergence is imaginal, immediately live through the winter. % B/ N " D4 B; `0 K&R6 L
Method of ③ prevention and cure: The first, catch imago artificially: Use this pest imago to have the characteristic of play dead sex, knock a tree by day brace up completion bug, after content waiting to collect to using cloth sheet below, kill. The 2nd, drug prevents and cure: Before imago comes up out of land, scatter at face of truncal week exclosure apply 5% sevin pink to undertake touching killing imago, every individual plant is 50g left and right sides with dosage, even Sa Chengkuan makes an appointment with the medical ring of 7-10cm, had gone up the imago of the tree but shake comes down, when should climbing ring of drug of the course on the tree into bug desire, but toxic death. Touch kill the effect to amount to 90% above. Also can happen in imago at the same time period medicine of the gush on Xiang Shu tries to prevent and cure. Appropriate remedy has oil of breast of phosphor of 20% cereal sulfur 1200 times fluid, 50% Badanke is wet sexual powder 800 times fluid.
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