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How does midsummer prevent and cure fruiter insect pest
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Midsummer is the fruiter grows the most exuberant season, also be all sorts of pests fill hair season. Now will scientific practical, prevent effect the method of prevention and cure of pest of remarkable fruiter of 4 kinds of midsummer introduces as follows:

One, inject pesticide. Flow to enter body Mian to autumn fruiter from spring fruiter sap period this paragraph of time all but, 4 ~ were in August optimal. Some get pest of sex of eat by moth, if midge of baby of long-corn, willow, Song Saoming, bamboo resembles bug to wait, eat by moth kills truncal, branch, arboreous cortex. Distinction wants to treat on prevention and cure to getting pest of sex of eat by moth. Arboreous surface has wormhole, usable injector notes medicine to wormhole. For example, should discover to there is new wood chip outside wormhole, make clear to there is the larval presence such as long-corn in wormhole, the 5 times liquid that can use 40% happy fruit at this moment (fluid of a medicine is right 5 water) inject to wormhole 1 ~ 2 milliliter, or every Kong Zhu discharges oil of breast of phosphor of 50% armour amine 2 ~ 1 milliliter of 3 times fluid, use mud seal next, prevent medical fluid to volatilize outwards, prevent efficiency to amount to 95% above.

Of invisible to arboreous surface wormhole, can see only truncal on, the ” of big “ tumour that appears on big branch, 2 ~ can be gotten on ” of preexistence “ tumour 3 aperture, former juice of reoccupy oxidation happy fruit notes medicine to wormhole 1 milliliter, prevent efficiency but 100% . Note: ① oxidation happy fruit is stronger to apian noxiousness, florescence is unfavorable use; ② is collecting before fruit 40 days need not medicine, pollute fructification in case, make the fruit that take drug grows city.

2, truncal Tu Yao. The scale insect on beautiful bug of the aphid of the fruiter such as hawkthorn of prevention and cure, cherry, gold, red spider and coniferous tree. Can be in be apart from the ground 2 meters tall truncal on pesticide of daub oxidation Le Guo.

Tree system can be carried after medical fluid is absorbed by tree each place, once the pest is taken feed the kill with poison in be being met to die, prevent effect to be able to amount to 85% above. If besmearing medical place wraps up the plastic film of green or blue, medical effect is better.

3, pest of trap and kill. Use a pest to undertake trap and kill to the strong trend of some kind of material or condition namely, if use imago of small moth of lights trap and kill, chafer, long-corn of bait wood trap and kill, curculio, lure pest of agent trap and kill with insect sex, basically have a peach-shaped thing fine moth of grain of the small bug that eat a heart, gold, pear is small snout moth's larva of eat by moth of small leaf roller of the bug that eat a heart, apple, peach.

4, root ministry buries medicine. Root ministry buries medical method to have two kinds: It is to bury medicine directly. Preexistence is apart from 0.5 ~ channel of shape of the 1.5 open loop outside rice, bury the furan red of 3% inside channel next, 1 ~ gives birth to tree 3 years to bury medicine 150 grams of 100 ~ ; 4 ~ give birth to tree 6 years to bury medicine 300 grams of 250 ~ ; The tree that gives birth to above 7 years buries medicine 500 grams left and right sides, can control arboreous foliaceous ministry pest, be opposite especially aphid of prevention and cure kind the pest has specially good effect, its drug effect period can last 1 ~ 2 months. According to burying the investigation after medicine, effect of snout moth's larva of loose tip of prevention and cure can be amounted to 95% , aphid of prevention and cure can be amounted to 100% . 2 it is the root buries medicine bottle. First 40% oxidation outfit of 5 times fluid enters Le Guo in bottle, be in next the periphery excavation of truncal basis, make its tree root cruel be shown, anthology do not exceed the tree root with thick incense smoke, cut position of tip of be completely cured, insert former root into medicine bottle again, its root end should insert bottom, plunge into good opening with plastic film finally, bury on earth. Smoke drug through establishing a root, medical fluid can carry each position that establishs system very quickly along with conduit, achieve the goal that treat bug thereby.
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