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Washing powder: Insect pest of fruiter of prevention and cure has magical effect
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Washing powder is commodity of a kind of life, bases is acerbity natrium of alkyl benzene sulfur. Washing powder is used at pest of crop of prevention and cure to already had longer history. The washing powder application in prevention and cure of fruiter insect pest is very wide also.

Because washing powder has very strong stick together sex, use alone no matter, perhaps mix with chemical pesticide use, or as auxiliary application, can produce its advantage, improve the result that treat bug. But cannot use for a long time continuously, because of long go up with branches and leaves of Yi Zaishu body other people of generation mildew account, it is advisable that the proposal uses 1 ~ every year 2 times.

Washing powder is used alone

The acerbity natrium of alkyl benzene sulfur in washing powder enters system through pest breath inside, make its toxic death. Use gush of 400 times fluid to apply Yu Xie back, burgeon, classics 1 ~ 2 days, the pest mortality such as moth of cootie of aphid, pink, red spider, geometrid, thorn can amount to 100 % ; Use spray of 500 times fluid to scale insect, 3 days, connect gush 3 times, the effect that kill insect can amount to 94 ~ 99 % ; In Jie of candle of mandarin orange tangerine and nymph of the Jie that blow continous period use washing powder 100 ~ 150 times fluid, the effect is very good also. Spray after washing powder, can make abdomen of insect head, bosom, sufficient, wing shuck off parietal waxiness very quickly, still can form a film to close bug body is stomatic, make the pest chokes death. Additional, after pest bug body touchs washing powder solution, cannot fly, time became long also can die.

Washing powder and derv mix use

Washing powder washs bavin emulsion with what light diesel fuel mixes and become, have touch strongly reduce effect, it is efficient insecticide. Permeate force as a result of it strong, to Jie kind, powdery cootie all specific. After eject of the emulsion that wash bavin, form an oily film to enclothe at bug substance appearance, can choke not only pest, can invade bug body the injurious insect is killed inside the organization. Its make up a method is: Kilogram of washing powder 1 adds water 200 kilogram, add what 200 milliliter mixes light diesel fuel to become 200 times liquid namely to wash bavin emulsion again. The emulsion that wash bavin should be followed deserve to follow with, otherwise time grows derv too meeting separate out, after using, easy generation medicine is killed. This kind make up wash derv emulsion to be opposite the effect of prevention and cure of orange aphid can amount to 96 % , the effect of red spider of orange of prevention and cure also amounts to 76 % . If be in afore-mentioned recipes, add diesel oil 300 milliliter, the effect of bug of spider of tangerine of mandarin orange of prevention and cure and egg all amounts to 100 % . In addition, the prevention and cure of fuliginous to orange disease also has this drug wonderful effect, to orange the prevention and cure of rubiginous tick also has certain effect. Washing powder, derv, water is 3 ∶ 5 ∶ the derv emulsion of 1000, the prevention and cure of acting to live through the winter orange red spider and rubiginous tick also has very good effect.
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