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Pest of miniature of ensnare of three-ply board lacquer
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Miniature pest has spot of cootie of aphid, whitening, America to go fly. Do not see them body is tiny, make do very hard however. For example America spot goes fly is an ace that makes tube, get into blade endanger between fluctuation skin. Way of Huang Ban trap and kill is simple easy travel, paint in yellow of the orange on besmear of three-ply board two sides namely, after Qi Gan, besmear 10 engine oil and a butter mix modulation again stick oil, cast hang Lin Guo among crop of garden occasional other, let the pest hurl oneself willingly into the net of these “ myopia ” , want to achieve ideal ensnare result, it is Huang Ban area wants big, every are less than 0. 1 square metre, in order to increase its marked degree and appeal; 2 it is the amount wants much, every 667 square metre not less than 30, so that nearby is caught fully; 3 it is pensile height wants and crop plant height keeps consistent. 4 it is to often change stick oil, it is after pensile period of time, want to check the viscosity that sticks oil, if discover viscosity is poorer when, can besmear again stick oil.   

Truncal bag medicine prevents aphid

Use aphid of prevention and cure of law of truncal bag drug, get effective after 3 days commonly, effect of 5 climate prevention and cure can amount to 100 % , 100 days prevent effect to still can maintain control in 85 % . The method is: The main force that the ground comes 30 centimeters 20 centimeters or branch are apart from in the fruiter base ministry, choose the one smooth area that Duan Kuan controls 15 centimeters, blow except truncal thick skin, regard packet of medicine as place. The place bag circuit that has choosinging is bibulous content (old cotton, bumf or newspaper of useless books written in ancient times all but) , next will inside suck pesticide the dilute such as phosphor of amine of 50 % armour or Le Guo of 40 % oxidation becomes 3-5 times fluid, inject or besmear make an appointment with 20 milliliter on bibulous content, plunge into with plastic film finally close. Plastic film removes after medical effect is shown, bibulous content is in eliminate of a kind of green tea, lest wrap up,be in decay.

Fruiter of prevention and cure of root of much bacterium clever fill spreads gum disease

A kind of fruiter shedding glue is the tree of peach, Li Shu, apricot, tree such as cherry common disease. It makes cultivate situation decline, output falls, pledge if really low, disastrous. Use powder of wet sex of spirit of 50 % much bacterium root of fill of 300 times fluid, the effect is apparent. Specific means: After beginning of spring, when sap begins flow, first one earth encircles ridge in a field all round will ill tree, the size of tree age establishs the foundation every certainly with dosage, general the tree that 1 ― gives birth to 3 years, every use drug 100 grams, every 200 grams with tree bigger age, dilute becomes root of fill of 300 times fluid, blossom sit the reoccupy after fruit is same dosage fill root, encounter rainy a particular year so, want to eliminate seeper in time only, tree situation is able to restore, phenomenon drifting glue won't happen.
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