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Ill bug of fruiter of autumn winter prevention and cure 6 words bid farewell
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Annihilate of lop of one clear tie is ill a bit, bug a bit, reach the orchard all round the fireweed around and deadwood fallen leaves are cleared and clean, center burn down or bury greatly, can kill injurious insect of many live through the winter.

2 break up to turn over since greatly the important step of increase production of improved soil, stimulative fruiter, also be the effective method that kills ill insect of live through the winter. The pest that can make break up to the earth's surface and bacteria freeze to death, work dead or by natural enemy peck, make bury subterranean ill bug greatly to emergence comes up out of land and cannot be died by stew, reduce cardinal number of live through the winter.

3 blow a fruiter thick skin, become warped in skin and truncal break, often conceal is worn the bacteria of a large number of live through the winter and pest. Carry out a proof, the winter blows bark to have effect of favorable prophylaxis and treatment to a variety of plant diseases and insect pests.

4 besmear winter cultivates dry Tu Bai, not only can be burned in order to prevent the sun of the fruiter and freeze injury, and can eliminate a large number of is in truncal on the bacteria of live through the winter and pest. Of besmear white agent making up scale is commonly: Calx 10 portion, lime sulfur portion of 1-2 of 2 portion, salt, clay portion of 35-40 of 2 portion, water. Tu Bai comes after fruiter fallen leaves for the first time before edaphic knot freezes, be in the 2nd year the 2nd times early spring.

5 lure after autumn to bind grass on fruiter big branch or broken gunny-bag piece, lure live through the winter of collect pest pupate, exterminate centrally next. This kind of method the effect leading market of the small bug that eat a heart can amount to small to Ping, pear 47-78% , wait to also have the very good effect that lead market to armyworm of hawkthorn red spider, jujube.

Fruiter of 6 medicine fallen leaves is in rest period, spray 1-2 second the derv emulsion that oil content is 4-5% and the lime sulfur of 5 Baume degrees, disease of black blain of disease of cankered to endangering a variety of scale insect of the fruiter, red spider and apple disease, pear tree Hei Xing, grape have effect of distinct prevention and cure.