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Flowers and trees is not rooted how to do
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Should make be hard to the flowers and trees such as rooted Milan, crape myrtle, honeysuckle, wintersweet, sweet-scented osmanthus, camellia, cuckoo, Bai Yulan is rooted, except can use methyl a-naphthyl acetate to wait grow outside element processing, also can use a few economy simple method makes them rooted.

One, will ministry of radical of transplant a cutting 2 centimeters of immerge 0.1 % - immerse in 0.5 % potassium permanganate solution 12- - after 24 hours are taken out instantly cuttage.

2, handle transplant a cutting with white sugar aqueous solution. The chroma that female flower uses is 2 % about - 50 % ; Mu Benhua grass is 5 % about - 10 % . Will ministry of radical of transplant a cutting 2 centimeters of immerge in afore-mentioned solution take out 24 hours, with transplant a cutting of clear water general exterior the cuttage after the sugar juice that touching is rinsed clean.

3, with medical the injection of vitamin B12 adds dilute of 1 times cool boiled water, transplant a cutting base immerge among them, about 5 minutes are taken out a bit air a little while, wait for the cuttage after medical fluid engulf.

4, during growing will vimineous radical ministry undertakes cricoid decorticate or tie string with the content such as iron wire, make nutrient builds up to pare in annulus in great quantities place, pare to annulus of rest period edge etc place cut next undertaking cuttage, can promote rooted.

5, the cuttage that take heel. When the transplant a cutting of scissor of flowers and trees such as camellia, sweet-scented osmanthus, fig, but will ministry of radical of transplant a cutting takes a few to go up year of unripe branch, easy rooted.

6, increase slotting machine base lukewarm. If fasten a basin to insert, winter can put his in fill up the radiator that has board or heated kang. Conditional adoption electric heat breeding ground undertakes lever inserts an effect much better. If need to make a large number of hard production of rooted flowers and trees, usable ABT is rooted pink hundred 50 ~ the hundred medical fluid of 100 will be annual burgeon radical ministry immerses make an appointment with 0.5 ~ 1 hour, in matrix is being inserted instantly after be being taken out. Its are rooted effect excel methyl a-naphthyl acetate and indole man are acerbity.