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How does good flowers and plants manage during National Day
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A few grass that use during National Day are beautiful, phenomenon of regular meeting occurrence premature senility, the influence puts the result. Careless beautiful premature senility divides condition of as characteristic as breed, climate, matrix to make up outside concerning, water fertilization the undeserved, plant diseases and insect pests, nutrient before blossomming accumulates inadequacy to wait also is main factor. Enjoy the Chinese nation to make people can be used up this one great red-letter day, in National Day around, can press to female flower narrate a few management.

One, choose ahead of schedule can bloom in the National Day, spend at the admirable and potted grass of ” of “ black prime of life reserve. Ask its can be when the festival individual plant form is plump, blade verdure healthy and strong, defeat flower without incomplete and breed itself florescence is longer, be like short string of red, short cockscomb.

2, place should apply thenar fertilizer with potted flower. From pregnant bud period comes florescence, can irrigate every week apply contain 0.1% borax and mix have 1/10 classics the chicken of sufficient become thoroughly decomposed (columbine) rare cake water of dung. 9 days before female flower gives garden, irrigate again apply mix have 34% 5 chloric much powder 800 times fluid or agent of clever water of 14% much effect the rare cake water of 150 times fluid, hold disease of the ministry that prevent a root concurrently. Blossom to be in earlier grass is beautiful, add apply nitrogenous fertilizer, irrigate for example apply mix the rare cake water that has 2% urea.

3, through face of blade fertilization and gush medicine protect Hua Baoxie, union of the following appropriate waters carry out.

1. From pregnant bud period comes fill florescence, weekly gush contains ammonium of 0.1% boric acid, 0.2% urea and vitriolic manganese, 0.02% molybdic acid, 0.3% phosphoric acid the mixed liquor of 2 hydrogen Potassium. To prevent plant diseases and insect pests, can combine fertilization of face of blade, every 10 contain 1% urea, 0.2% phosphoric acid to 15 days of gush the times fluid of L500 of dilute of element of 2 hydrogen Potassium, 1.8% neat mite, 10% much element that fight mildew but wet sex powder is 600 times more attenuant the mixed liquor of fluid. If encounter the wet that join nether world, instead 5 days of gush.

2. From pregnant bud period comes fill florescence. Every 7 apply to LO day in season contain 0.5ppm the ester inside element of liver mosses of Yun of 30 alkyl alcohol, 0.01ppm, 0.2ppm is rich the mixed liquor of grow.

3. Opening florescence, weekly gush uses agent of water of phenolic natrium of 1.8% answer saltpetre 6000 times fluid or agent of water of phenolic ammonium of 1.2% answer saltpetre 4500 times fluid.
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